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lularoe amelia daisy print dress10lularoe amelia daisy print dress3lularoe amelia daisy print dress2lularoe amelia daisy print dress9lularoe amelia daisy print dress4lularoe amelia daisy print dress7lularoe amelia daisy print dress8lularoe amelia daisy print dress11  dress: Amelia by LuLaRoe c/o Megan McClary // shoes: Forever 21 // purse: Old Navy (current version)

You know the feeling. Finding a piece of clothing you love so much that you want it in every color and print it comes in. That, brilliantly, is the idea behind LuLaRoe. I was introduced to this brand by the lovely Megan McClary, who drove all the way down from Dallas to get me in some of LuLaRoe’s cutest pieces. Megan and I chatted at a coffee shop about body positivity, empowering women, following our dreams with our side hustles, and, of course, our love for fashion — all of which LuLaRoe values too.

I had heard of LLR in passing on Instagram, but hadn’t looked into it further. Here’s the gist: one company offers a select number of styles in sizes XXS-3XL in an endless stream of colors and prints. But, each color and print is only made in 2500 pieces, decreasing the chances of showing up to a party in the exact same dress as your friend, while also increasing the thrill of the chase.

The dress I’m wearing here is called Amelia, and she’s the most comfortable and flattering dress I’ve ever worn. (Size note: I’m wearing a large, which fits a slightly loose in the middle. I’m between sizes, and can wear a medium as well, but the smaller size is a little more form-fitting on me.) What I love most about this dress is that I can buy it again and again, knowing exactly how it’s going to fit, while adding a totally different look to my closet each time.

I’ll be honest; I had no experience with a direct sales company before LuLaRoe. The whole shopping through a consultant and throwing shopping parties thing made me a little skeptical, as it’s not how I’m used to shopping. However, after meeting with Megan, I couldn’t wait to schedule my first shopping party. Since there are a select number of styles, it really is extra important to get your body in the clothes just once to see how they fit. This is why the parties make so much sense. Maybe you don’t buy out your hostess during that party, but this is your opportunity to see whether you’re more a Carly girl or a Madison girl (guess which one I am?), and which sizes you feel the most comfortable in.

I’m also all about the personal empowerment that comes with a consultant-driven company. The consultants are able to build a real community of women who they help find clothes that make life happier, easier, and ultimately prettier. Each consultant has a different variety of inventory, so it’s fun to see what they get in each shipment. From a women’s empowerment standpoint, it’s super cool to me that anyone from a stay-at-home mom to a woman with a full-time career outside of fashion can make money to support themselves and their family while also doing something they love.

To shop from a consultant, most post their inventory on Instagram or in their private Facebook group. Consultants frequently run giveaways and online parties for new inventory, so it’s smart to follow along if you’re looking for a certain piece or print to add to your collection.

In addition to the variety of prints and feel-good, flattering styles, I’m also a fan of the price point. All LuLaRoe pieces are priced between $25 and $70, which honestly surprised me given the great quality, awesome mission, and cool designs.

If you want to learn more about LuLaRoe, you can check out their origin story and product story. Check out all the styles here (there are even some new styles available for guys!) and find a consultant in your area here! And, lastly, to follow along with Megan’s product (especially for Texas girls!), you can follow her Instagram and join her Facebook group.

I received product from LuLaRoe in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own!

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