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Happy Friday! Or, at least I hope it’s Friday! Assuming it is, here’s some links!

♥ Your new favorite place to shop (especially if you love Texas + Louisiana!). Pro tip: 10% of every sale benefits those affected by the recent floods! 

♥ Love coloring books? Love giveaways? My darlin’ friend Cathy is hosting a coloring book giveaway on her blog this week. These mandalas are seriously pretty and perfect for mid-week (or anytime) self-care! Go go go enter!
♥ This week in Stranger Things favs: loved this profile on Winona Ryder talking about things like Hollywood, motherhood (and lack-there-of), and anxiety.

♥ Implementing these tips has made me a rock star at working from home!

♥ Adina always helps me look at my closet in new ways, and this week’s post about “the plantonic closet” got me thinking about the real MVPs in my wardrobe. What are yours?
♥ Two things I’m into: personality tests and stress management. This article breaks down stress by Myers-Briggs types, including ways for each type to handle their specific stress. Spoiler alert: it’s crazy accurate.
♥ An outfit to copy tomorrow.
♥ Grab your tissues, this one’s got a few levels of heartbreak. I don’t know if y’all have read much of Buzzfeed’s long-form investigative journalism, but their recent piece about a young woman who murdered her mother after a lifetime of medical abuse is an INCREDIBLE read.
♥ In lighter news, this is the exact outfit I want to wear well into our Texas “fall.”
♥ A wishlist: another midi skirt I don’t need, this cute little smock peplum blouse, these actually-perfect brown booties, this badass collar brooch, this totally Clueless-esque backback, and a gingham dress fit for fall.

What are you up to this weekend?

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