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top: Theory c/o thredUP // shorts: Old Navy (sold out, similar) // shoes: Forever 21 // purse: STRUT // earrings: Gudbling

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

If you read this blog back in the early days (hi Mom!), then you know that I had a bit of a thrifting habit. Until a couple of years ago, more than 75% of my closet was thrifted. While it’s true that many of my clothes came from thrift stores out of necessity (hi student loans!), I truly enjoy the thrill of thrift store shopping. Searching through racks of clothes and discovering a gem — a tweed Oscar de la Renta skirt, a Kate Spade blouse with tags, a pair of unworn Madewell flats — gives me an unreal high.

As a full-time job, this ole side hustle, and general life happenings have become my everyday, I just don’t have the time to scour thrift stores the way I used to. What used to be a weekend trip to Savers with Dago is now a quarterly (or semi-annual!) visit to the resale shop for a quick look. Enter thredUP. Now I can literally go thrifting from the comfort of my bed (thanks to their app!) and not even have to use hand sanitizer after I do it!
One of my secret shopping goals this year was to own a Theory blouse. I’ve been stalking them on Shopbop, but really don’t feel comfortable dropping a couple hundred on one top. When I saw this beauty on thredUP for $33 instead of $170, I knew it was my time! That’s what I love about thrifting; fashion doesn’t have to be out of reach.

If you, too, have found that you’ve got less and less time to invest in going to thrift stores, thredUP is the answer you’ve been looking for. Here’s a review of my experience so far.


Pieces You Love for Prices You Can Afford: Raise your hand if you’ve stalked an item online, just waiting for it to hit clearance. thredUP is like the world’s largest clearance section! From pricey Boden and Madewell tops I’ve never pulled the trigger on to designer jeans I’ve been saving for forever, those name brands you say you love but have never owned are finally within your reach!

For instance,

Madewell Skinny Jeans – was $119, now $29.99
Marc Jacobs Faux Leather Jacket – was $286, now $52.99
J.Crew Cashmere Sweater – was $198, now $37.99
*P.S. use JCREW50 for 50% off first-time orders up to $50!

Popular Pieces in Multiple Sizes: Unlike a thrift store, you do actually have a chance of finding something in a few sizes. If there’s something that a brand carries all the time, it’s more likely that a lot of people have bought it and eventually sent it off to thredUP. For instance, I’ve seen J.Crew’s most-coveted blazers in a whole variety of sizes.


Selection: Given the process in which thredUP obtains their clothing, I would have expected a higher quality selection of pieces to choose from. I feel that what’s available is equal to most thrift stores, where you truly have to search for gems through a bunch of outdated, out-of-style and generally uninteresting pieces.

No Way to Save Your Favorites: I think if I could change one thing about thredUP, it would be the ability to save everything I’m interested in. With so many different kinds of items, a wishlist would have helped me shop way more easily than adding and removing things from my cart.

I’m already wishlisting items for my fall closet thanks to thredUP. What are you shopping for this season that you can score on thredUP?

I received product in exchange for this review of thredUP, but all opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting the businesses that support this blog!
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