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small goals august
Hey, August! So nice to see you! July was a great month for goals, so hopefully you’ll do more of the same. Here’s what went down in July:

1. utilize timed chores | done! After doing this for nearly two months, it’s an all-the-time habit I’ve adopted to help me stay in control without getting overwhelmed!
2. try dry brushing | done! I did it before I showered for the whole month. My verdict? No change. It was nice spending time on me, but I — and my skin — felt literally no different after. I may try it again in the winter when my skin is more dry?
3. attend a workshop | done! I went to the brush lettering workshop with Fine Day Press at The Paper + Craft Pantry and it was a blast!
4. update my media kit | done! I have some exciting pitches to make!
5. drink more water | done! For the first time, I really made this work. Party, it’s just so darn hot, so I’ve been thirstier. I also made an effort to keep water with me — especially in the car — and my water increase has basically doubled!

5 out of 5! See, I told you it was a good month for goals! Here’s what I hope to get up to in August:

1. get a massage | One of my 27 before 27 goals is to get quarterly massages, and it’s time for my summer one!
2. make an eye appointment | Remember that time I was looking for new glasses? Well, I keep almost buying a pair, and then realizing I need an updated prescription before I can do that.
3. start a book | I’m finding that more and more, I want computer-free nights, which seems like the perfect time to read a new book! I’ve got Furiously Happy on its way to me now, and I can’t wait to dive in.
4. send 3 pitch emails | I mentioned that I have a few really cool partnerships in mind, but I keep putting off the emails like a chicken. It’s time to bite the bullet and send them off!
5. figure out a new remote working routine | My job went full-time remote in July. Now I’m figuring out what my weeks look like: do I work from home every day or a coffee shop sometimes? Now that I have my kitchen during lunchtime, what should I eat for lunch? What Netflix shows make the best background noise (so far, Fixer Upper, but I finished it already!)? So many options!

Your turn! What goals are you setting for August? Be sure to link back here so everyone can check out all these great goals!

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