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what i bought in july

It’s that time again, fellow shoppers! I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping, but still ended up with a handful of practical + pretty pieces. Surprised? You must be new here! 

What I Bought

what i bought july

H&M Twill Shorts in Black – $12.99
H&M Twill Shorts in Navy – $12.99
H&M Twill Shorts in Yellow – $12.99 (sold out online, not pictured)
H&M Cotton Shorts in Blue – $24.99 (sold out online, not pictured, worn here)
Forever 21 Cutout Lace-up Block Heels – $34.90
Forever 21 Blush Blazer via Poshmark – $15.00 (not pictured)

Monthly Total: $113.86
Quarterly Budget Spent: $421.96
Quarterly Budget Remaining: $78.04

Whooo! I didn’t go over my quarterly budget in the second month! I was extremely busy this month, which helped a lot in not shopping, but this last week has been a doozy as far as temptation. The shopping itch has bit and I’m going to have to work SO hard to control myself next month!

In case you couldn’t tell, July was a hot one, so I desperately needed a few pairs of shorts. I also, after a couple weeks of scouring the Internet, ordered a pair of sassy heels to wear with my mid-calf dress (and, like, everything else). Lastly, I finally found a blush blazer thanks to Poshmark! Stay tuned to see all the things on the blog soon.

One thing I wanted to mention is that July last summer was a turning point for me in the way I shop. It was the first time I attempted (and failed) a shopping freeze. Last June, I spent $300 in one month, and I knew I couldn’t repeat that in July. That was really when I started taking the idea of a budget and watching my spending seriously.

A funny thing about July? It’s always the month of the annual Nordstrom anniversary sale. Which means that for two years now, I have managed to miss out on avoid shopping the sale. The FOMO is real, y’all. I have got to plan better next year! Though, it’s weird because that sale is fall-oriented and in July I’m still very much shopping for summer (bring on the tank tops!). So, I don’t know if working the sale into my budget makes a whole lot of sense. I’m interested to know how you budget around it if you shopped the sale this year!

What I Received

what i bought july2

photos by Megan McClary
Last weekend I was introduced to an incredible brand that I am SO excited to tell y’all about very soon: LuLaRoe! I don’t want to give away too much too soon, but this body positive brand is about to fill my closet — and hopefully yours too! I’m grateful for the opportunity to try new-to-me brands, especially when I fall in love and inevitably give them all my money. 😉
So that’s it for July! Next month I’m hoping to finally find a pair of overalls, pick up a couple of tank tops, and maybe find a shawl cardigan I love. As always, I’m linking up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. Be sure to check out what everyone else snagged in July!
What did you buy this month?
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