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dress: Old Navy (last summer, similar) // vest: c/o francesca’s // shoes: Soludos c/o Shopbop // earrings: Gudbling // purse: Forever 21
While I don’t necessarily consider my style to be “trendy,” I’ve been known to try out a trend or two each season. You can’t throw a rock in a major city without hitting a blogger wearing tassel something these days, so I figured it was about time I tried them myself. I found these earrings thanks to Tucky who did a great roundup of tassel earrings a while back. That thing happened where I clicked an Etsy link and then every time I opened the site, there were those pretty pink earrings again. I finally pulled the trigger, and after a surprisingly quick ship from Thailand, I giddily slid them onto my ears. They’re a fun statement, no?
In addition to picking up trends here and there, I’m guilty of succumbing to shoe brand pressure. When I see a cute pair, I have to get them for myself. This is actually my second pair of Soludos espadrilles; the first didn’t work out and I gave them to April. These sandals fit a little strange when I first put them on, but not long into wearing them around the house, they formed perfectly to my foot and I’ve been wearing them a ton ever since (also seen here). I’m obsessed with the ankle ties! I definitely wasn’t sure that would be my thing, but given how much I’ve loved my green flatforms with the ankle straps (which, by the way, need repairing, in case you were wondering why you haven’t seen them in a bit), I should have known these would be a closet MVP.
Let’s talk about this color combo for a sec. Blush and army green is certainly not new, but I love how they took this breezy white eyelet dress somewhere a little unexpected. Anytime I need an easy outfit for work or have to quickly change for an impromptu dinner, this outfit has been totally clutch. It’s got that hint of Austin uniqueness without looking like it’s trying too hard to be cool, while also being the perfect amount of layers for summertime in the city.

In case you’re now hankering for a pair of tassel earrings of your own, I’ve rounded up a few pairs I had on my own wishlist before finding mine! I still might add another to my collection, because it turns out I’m really into tassels after all. Which is your favorite?

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