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Happy July and happy 4th, friends! Can you believe we’re officially in the second half of 2016? We’re all going to blink, and when we open our eyes we’ll be eating turkey and cranberries at Thanksgiving. Like May, my June didn’t go exactly as planned. Every day is another learning experience for Dago and I as we adjust to his immobility, but he has an appointment this week that hopefully results in his being able to start physical therapy. Fingers crossed! That said, I had less time that I’d hoped to get things done, but still tried to keep my small goals for the month in the forefront of my mind.

Here’s how I did:

1. adopt Bri’s “Do it now” mantra | YES! This was, by far, the thing that got me through June without losing my mind. I said it to myself at every turn, and it helped so much with staying on top of everything that needed to be done. I definitely recommend trying this one yourself next month!

2. swim once a week (weather permitting) | Nope. I’ve really got to stop making these “once a week” goals because I don’t think I’ve ever successfully accomplished one! I did swim three (maybe four?) times in June, but it wasn’t spread out like I hoped (or, truly, needed).
3. start cleaning out our extra room | HA. Absolutely not. When you saw this on my goal list last month, did you chuckle to yourself and say “yeah, right?” BECAUSE YOU SHOULD HAVE. With everything on my plate right now — and everything in that gosh darn room — I should not have even attempted this. It’s a goal I have for myself for the summer in general, but until Dago can walk and until we can put our apartment back together, this goal is actually just impossible.
4. list some clothes on Poshmark | YES! Goodness, I’m so proud of this. I realized that I was sort of sucking at my goals for June and decided if I could just get this one thing done, I would feel like the month was a success. I did it! You can go buy my clothes here! (Also listed in my sidebar!)
5. take plenty of “me” time | In good conscience, I can’t say I did this, unfortunately. With the exception of driving (which I’ve come to detest) and showering (which I did not do enough), I spent very little time alone in June. I didn’t even go to the grocery store the last few weeks because I started using Instacart (more on this later)! Total fail.
Alright, alright — 2/5. Look, I’m just glad I survived and got to cross a couple of things off my list! Here’s to a better and more intentional July!
1. utilize timed chores | While the “Do it now” mantra worked well for the most part, I would find myself in a cycle of endless “doing it” because there didn’t seem to be any priority. Once I started a thing, I would see all the other things that needed to be done and not know how to approach it. Enter the timed chores. If I knew we were leaving the house in 15 minutes, I’d see how much I could get done in that time. It made all the chores I hate (read: all of them) less daunting, and I actually got a ton done! Looking forward to turning it into a habit in July!
2. try dry brushing | Last month’s me time didn’t happen simply because it was too vague, which made it easy to not do. In an attempt to be more intentional, I want to try dry brushing! I learned about this from a link that Fran included in one of her recent Sunday posts, and it seems like a good way to get some time alone and also take care of myself in a fun new way. I already ordered this jute brush, so I’ll get started as soon as it arrives!
3. attend a workshop | In more “me time” attempts, I’m going to take a workshop at The Paper + Craft Pantry this month! Now, should I take Intro to Hand Embroidery or Intro to Modern Brush Lettering? And who wants to join in on the fun?
4. update my media kit | I have a couple of exciting pitches in mind, so I need to get my media kit back in order. Hello, weekend project!
5. drink more water | This is sort of a freebie, but it’s really something I could always use work on! Now who’s craving a big cup of cold water?

Alright — it’s your turn! What goals are you setting for July? Be sure to link up below and let everyone know where to find more monthly small goals!

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