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shirt: J.Crew Factory // jeans: Old Navy // shoes: New Balance // purse: Ann Taylor // belt: Target
photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Do you ever put an activity off because you’re missing something? Maybe you’re missing a tool you need, or someone was supposed to do it with you, or perhaps what you’re missing is motivation. Most recently, I’ve been saying that I couldn’t take walks on my lunch breaks because I didn’t have shoes I could wear with my normal outfits that would also be good for walking. Well, Dago fixed that right up with an item from my birthday wishlist: a pair of New Balance sneakers! Cute, huh?

They really are the perfect solution to my problem. Now I just need to work up the motivation to get walking! We work in such a lovely area of town — just look at this giant bush wall, literally steps from my office — so I really have no excuse to not get away from my desk and out into the world.

I’ve worn this outfit like five times since receiving these sneakers. I think it’s such a perfect ‘fit that I’m having trouble thinking of anything else as good. I have swapped the jeans out for shorts a couple of times, or the gingham button down for a chambray button down, but it’s essentially the same formula. I need your help! How would you style these New Balances?

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