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top: Anthropologie // skirt: J.Crew Factory // shoes: Old Navy (this season’s version) // purse: Love Ding // ring: The Six of Cups

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Happy it’s-officially-actually-summer-now day! If you’re like me, or you live in a state without seasons like Texas, then you’ve probably been calling the last three-ish weeks summer already. Any time I can walk out of my house without a cardigan more than three days in a row, it’s summer. So that’s, well, almost always. I’m not complaining; summer is my favorite!
That said, I do want to say a proper farewell to spring. This outfit feels like the epitome of a spring sendoff, doesn’t it? There are summery elements, but overall the look has a certain sweetness that I associate with springtime: petal pink, breezy eyelet, and a straw bag that’s just asking to be filled with flowers.
One way I know it’s officially summertime? Freckled shoulders. I really thought I was going to resist the off-the-shoulder blouse thing, y’all. I was all like “oh look, another fad that’s not for me,” or “certainly that’s a one-size-fits-none trend.” Well, turns out this season’s hottest style actually looks great on everybody. When I tried on this top — which I picked out just to have something to try on with these shorts — I was almost mad at how much I liked it. Dammit, fashion. You got me again.

Say hello to summer in these off-the-shoulder styles

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