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silk scarf and block heels

old navy swing tank1old navy swing tank2old navy swing tank3old navy swing tank4old navy swing tank6old navy swing tank7old navy swing tank8

top: Old Navy // jeans: Old Navy // shoes: Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop // scarf: Curious Threads c/o Curious Prints // purse: vintage Coach via Pieceology Vintage
photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Some outfits get worn so many times in the first two weeks you discover them that you have to take a break. I actually lost count how many times I wore this, like, in a row, after bringing all these pieces home in the same weekend. It doesn’t get easier than a tank top and jeans, but this outfit? It’s better. Let’s break it down.
A headscarf is sort of my signature, so I love finding a new one. I’ve been searching for a black one for seriously years. When I found out that Curious Prints (whose works hangs both in my house and my office) was going to start carrying apparel, I could not get my grabby hands on it fast enough. Sweet shop owner Kate invited me to model for her lookbook, and in return I got this sweet gemstone scarf and a poppy crop top. There’s just enough pop of color to make the black scarf fun, and a headscarf is eternally my favorite accessory for masking less-than-great hair days.
I picked up this tank and these jeans both on super sale at, where else, Old Navy. I finally got a pair of distressed jeans — sorry Mom! Verdict: I love ’em. My favorite part is actually the undone hem, which I sort of expected to hate. I wear jeans to work pretty often, so these feel quintessentially weekend. I could definitely wear these to work, but it’s sort of fun having a few weekend-only pieces.
I know it’s stupid-wrinkled in these photos (that’s what I get for saving this outfit for last on our shooting day aaaaand not hanging it up in my car…), but this top is one of the most flattering* things I’ve ever worn. I’mma go buy it in another color as soon as I let myself enter an ON again. Am I the only one who has to have off-limits Old Navy periods? When I say they can have all my money, I mean I won’t be able to pay rent if I’m not careful.
Last up are these magical Sam Edelman block heel sandals that I pretty much want to wear every day (seen recently here). Have I mentioned that the soles are padded and feel like tiny clouds? And that they go with everything? And that I can actually walk comfortably in them for hours? Yeah, they’re worth it.
It’s that easy: grab a tank and jeans, add a cool pair of sandals and a statement accessory. Wear it for weekend, wear it for work, wear it three days in a row and feel no shame, my friends!
*Okay, real talk: I wore a strapless bra the day we shot these photos, not realizing that it was such a mistake in this top! I promise that wearing a normal bra (usually rocking this one with this top) doesn’t cut my chest off from my shoulders like you see here. *monkey covering its eyes emoji*
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