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What a week. I’ve spent the majority of this week looking at the view in the photo above as I worked from home to help out Dago while he recovers from his surgery, As a general update for interested readers, he’s doing really well! It’s been a tough transition, but it’s also been nice to spend a whole lotta uninterrupted time together.

I’m adjusting to my new normal, so I didn’t get out that fourth blog post I had hoped to this week. Luckily, I can always count on the Internet to have my back with some lovely links to share with y’all!

♥ They say you should never stop learning. Well, this week I learned what J.Lo is actually saying in her 2001 hit “I’m Real” and it’s like I’ve gained a new level of clarity in life.
♥ Priya is here with the most important message you’ll hear this week: buy the shoes.
♥ We’ve all been there: sweaty and crying on the floor of our closet because nothing seems to fit. It’s so important to me that we all feel less alone in that state, so I’m extra proud of AJ for sharing her story about these floral pants that almost weren’t.
♥ Outfits to copy next week from RachMartino, Toyosi, Cathy, and Katie
♥ These gorillas make up little songs about their food, so, uh, I guess they really are just like us.
♥ Chelsea’s series on a normal girl’s guide to freelancing is not only super helpful, but also really inspiring! Even if you’re not freelancing, I recommend giving this week’s section on community a read!
♥ Can you draw a bicycle? What about one that you can actually ride? I laughed for way too long at these drawings turned into real bikes!
♥ Everything you need for summer: inflatable food, animals, and more; this super fun beach towel; precious tumbler cups with lids; this classic Panama hat; these printed swim cover-ups; and this brunch to beach straw tote.
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