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cozy guest bathroom re-do

Scandinavian inspired bathroom

It’s finally here! Well, I actually finished our guest bathroom redecoration project back in February, but I’ve finally taken photos for y’all to see! I’m certainly not aiming to be any sort of home decor blogger, but since I shared my inspiration for it, I thought it would be fun to show you the final product. That said, please excuse the iPhone photo quality!

wooden bathroom shelf

You may recall that my inspiration came from the always clean and cozy Scandinavian decor. I decided on grey, natural elements, and gold accents as I started collected pieces. This shelf is from The Small and Savage Wild (c/o), which I found on Queen for Dinner (aka one of the coolest sites on the Internet). Being in such a small room, I love that this shelf takes up vertical space in a way that doesn’t make the occupants feel claustrophobic. This shelf hangs on an angled wall that you can see from the living room when the bathroom door is open, which makes for a nice view across the room!
The hoop art is by Texas-based maker bedthread, the book and cat were both gifts. I did actually buy this metal planter from my wishlist, but the plant in it died right before I took these photos, so instead you get my IKEA plant that’s usually in the living room!

styled double triangle shelf

Also from my wishlist, I decided on the grey striped shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. I’m sooo in love with it! It has exactly the cozy feel I was going for. The curtain is great quality and I love the little white tassels at the bottom.
These towels were a gift from my mom. They’re the Royal Velvet brand from JC Penny in Factory Gray, which I’m totally obsessed with. We’ve got them in the bath sheet size and they are the softest, thickest towels I’ve ever owned. In fact, after buying them for us, my mom replaced all the towels at my parents’ house with Royal Velvet! This isn’t sponsored, but if you’re looking for new towels, I highly recommend these.
Due to the strange arrangement of our bathroom, we just couldn’t make towel rods work for the space. I decided on 3M hooks because I needed something before our guest arrived back in February, but I may replace them with something like this down the line. For now, they totally get the job done!

grey shower curtain and towelscozy bathroom inspiration

Of all the things I bought for this re-do, the thing that made the room feel finished was actually the scent warmer I found at Target. I’ve never owned one of these, but we’ve got one in the office at work and now I’m converted. I’ve got this floral scent that I adore, but Dago says smells like gingerbread.
The wire basket is also from Target, but I can’t find it online. This one is pretty similar!

bathroom sink details

Probably the best decision I made was getting the bamboo slats instead of regular cloth bathmats. Just out of the frame below is where Contessa’s litterbox lives, and there’s just always cat litter everywhere. The wooden slats are perfect because they’re lifted off the ground and have space between each piece of wood, so the litter just rolls off onto the ground instead of on your foot! If you don’t have a cat, you may think this is weird, but fellow cat moms feel me. 
(Side note: the reviews of these slats talk about them getting mildew-y, but I think those people are using them inside the shower, because the bottoms of mine are literally never even wet. I’ve been very pleased with this product!)

grey guest bathroom
what to put in your guest bathroom

During my massive Target shopping trip, I spent the most time looking for a little tray for toiletries. I really hated most of their selection. Luckily, I stumbled upon this pretty gold polka dot tray in another section of the store. Doesn’t it look like Kate Spade? I super love it. It’s also great for putting my glasses on while I shower, knowing they won’t accidentally get knocked off the toilet. Of course, I can’t find this online either (get it together, Target!), but here are some other cute gold-accented trays.

guest bathroom details

So there you have it! Next up, we’re re-doing our extra room, which I’m itching to getting started on. How do you think this room came out? Have you ever decorated a guest bathroom?
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