birthday shopping wishlist

birthday wishlist

It’s been such a crazy month that my own darn birthday almost got away from me! Dago’s been asking me for weeks what I want for my birthday, and I’ve learned it’s easier to just put it here and let him pick, rather than sending him out into the world without a clue.

I’m of the mind that your birthday wishlist should include items you’ve been looking at for some time that you just haven’t bought for yourself yet. Oh, and this year? Shoes. Because who doesn’t want shoes for their birthday?

birthday wishlist

1// 696 Lakeview New Balance Sneakers – I honestly think I’ll be surprised if these aren’t what Dago gets me, as he selfishly has been wanting me in a pair of New Balances for a while now. What can I say, he likes his girl in sneakers. After being inspired by Merrick’s sneaker ‘fits over the last few months, as well as wanting a pair of shoes I can take walks in during work, it’s time I get my own pair of New Balances. (Quick question: do we like the ones I linked more, or these? I’m totally torn!)
2// Anthropologie Lucerne Apron – An apron is totally one of those things I’ve wanted for years that I’ve never pulled the trigger on. Which, truly, makes no sense because I know I would use it! Judge me if you will, but I learned this year that I’m way more included to do dishes if I have gloves. I think I could be even more motivated with a cute apron, especially if it guarantees that my outfit won’t get wet.
3// Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt – Even though summer is upon us, I’m always down to wear a cozy sweatshirt around the house. I could definitely stand to give my Make It Happen sweatshirt a break, and how can I say no to and girl gangs?
4// Sole Society Libry Embellished Flats – You may recognize these from my recent Sole Society wishlist. Nope, I didn’t buy ’em. Nope, I haven’t forgotten about them. Yes, I still pull them up at least once a week to just look at ’em. If that doesn’t sound like perfect birthday gift material to you, I don’t know what does!
5// Lotta From Stockholm Low Heel Peep-Toe Clogs – Okay, so you might think I’ve been going clog crazy. And you would be right. But these are just the most perfect summer sandals! They’re a little dressier than my Salt Water Sandals, and they’re open-toed unlike my francesca’s huaraches. I’m actually most excited about wearing them with jeans, but I also think they’d look super cute with my coral dress from last year and all my midi skirts.
6// aerie Hi-Neck Lace Bralette – For some reason, I don’t own any bralettes right now. I obvi need to fix this before we get too far into summer, and I think this unique hi-neck lace one from aerie is perfect. Tbh I might just wear it with high-waisted shorts and skirts because it’s too pretty to cover!
7// KMB Allons Oxfords – If I’m being honest, I just discovered these flats while I was putting together this wishlist, but now that I’ve seen them I’m in love. I have had both white flats and oxfords on my wishlist for a hot minute, so finding them together is just a dream come true. These are quite a bit more than I would expect anyone to spend on a birthday gift, but they were too pretty not to include.
8// Emperia Layla Tassel Flap Crossbody Bag – A white purse was never something I thought I would need, but I’ve been reaching for one quite a bit lately. Like how cute would it have looked with this? I’ve been trying to focus on expanding my accessories this year, especially because it’s something I rarely choose to spend my money on (which is dumb because obvi I can wear a purse more often than a skirt). Hopefully I wouldn’t immediately ruin this, because I’d feel 100% worse if it were a gift and it got dirty!
So there it is! A birthday wishlist! I turn 26 on Saturday, so stay tuned for my 26 before 26 update and my official 27 before 27 reveal coming soon!
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