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Hey hey, it’s almost May! Which means it’s time to link up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. After last month’s spend-fest, I didn’t do a whole lot of shopping this month. I tried to focus on closet staples that I’ll wear for at least the next six months, if not more (because Texas). Here’s what’s happily hanging in my closet from April:

What I bought:
what i bought april

Salt Water Sandals in Gold – $39.99 [worn here]
Old Navy Swing Pintuck Top – $19.76 (40% off) [worn here]
Old Navy Trapeze Tank – $13.76 (40% off) [worn here]
Old Navy Distressed Jeans – $4.95 (unsure how much off?) [not pictured, worn here]
Target Long Sleeve Pattern Cardigan – $24.99
Target Panama Hat – $14.99 [not pictured, worn here]
Monthly Total: $181.43
Quarterly Budget Spent: $550.09
Quarterly Budget Remaining: -$50.09
Welp, I’ve officially overspent my budget for the quarter two months in. After the way March went, I definitely expected this to happen, and I’m actually surprised it’s not worse than it is. On one hand, I did really try to limit my shopping after going overboard last month. I knew that I would be stocking up on a few pairs of shoes (see below) and was excited to find these gold Salt Water Sandals, especially for only forty bucks! These are becoming an every day shoe, which is definitely going to make the cost per wear exceptionally low. After buying a few skirts the last few months, I really needed a couple of plain blouses in order to be able to wear them. The cardigan was something I kept reaching for that didn’t exist in my closet. For $25 at Target, I’d say I did pretty well on that one!

The item I’m most excited about is probably the chambray skirt, which I got to try on during the grand opening of ModCloth’s IRL popup in Austin earlier this month. I tried on a ton of things (including a wedding dress, because why not?), but employed a little self-control and only left with the one thing. However, I hear they’re re-stocking with new arrivals this coming week, and seeing as they’re only here until the end of May, I’ll definitely have to stop in again soon!

What I received:
what i bought april2
Swedish Hasbeens Suzanne Sandals$249 c/o Shopbop
Sam Edelman Trina City Sandals – $120 c/o Shopbop [worn here]

As a part of my sponsorship with Shopbop, I receive a monthly credit to spend. I had a little leftover from a previous month and waited until the friends and family sale (25% off) to be able to buy these two pairs of shoes at once. I had actually planned on saving for the Sam Edelman sandals this year anyway, and was super happy to find them on Shopbop. I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough. They’re the perfect balance between dressy and casual, and the sole is padded (!!!) which makes it feel like you’re walking on tiny little clouds.

I bought the Swedish Hasbeens in a 37 (I am a very true to size 7 in US sizing) and they fit like they were made for my feet. Unlike my Old Navy clogs, these are legit made of wood, which is surprisingly comfortable (unless you have to randomly walk a mile in them like I did last weekend…). Hasbeens are another shoe I have been wanting to save up for over the years, so I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for Shopbop sales (I always share about them here!) to help you invest in a pair of your own!

Even in spite of my budget being shot for May, I don’t anticipate doing much shopping. The only thing I think I may buy next month is a pair of shorts, since summer sets in here pretty quickly and my pairs from last year don’t fit very well anymore. I’ve got my eye on this pair and this pair. Also, May is my birthday month, and I’ve got these on my wishlist!

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