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Welcome, April! Did March seem like a long month to anyone else? Not in a bad way — I was actually super productive in March (even if not my actual goals, which you’ll see in a sec) — I just feel like the past month was at least two months with how much happened! I think going out of town and being busy resulted in my not keeping up with a calendar like I usually do, so I sort of lost track of time. Buuuut, did I lose track of my monthly small goals? Well…
1. Buy a couch! | DONE!!!! I decided on this one (in Azure) and I LOVE IT! I am actually writing this post, comfortably, from my new sofa and I’m so very pleased. I can honestly already feel it doing wonders for my posture.
2. Get the blog back on track with an editorial calendar | Done! Sort of? Well, so, I made an editorial calendar, but then ended up having to go out of town for work, so I couldn’t execute some of the things I planned and did other things instead. All of my posts were ready ahead of time, which is really what I was going for, even if I didn’t physically write down post titles on a calendar. Calling this a success!
3. Practice saying “no” more | Done! I sort of forgot I made this goal, but I guess subconsciously I remembered because I was much more protective of my time this month, and it absolutely paid off. I have a much better grasp on my week and a lot more control over my happiness.
4. Have one computer-free night a week | Not done…totally forgot I made this goal.
5. Go on walks during my lunch break | Nope. Not even once. I did start walking again after work (and even ran once!), but my lunch breaks were still spent at my desk mostly.
It certainly would help me complete my goals if I could actually remember them! I’m thinking I need to post them somewhere I see daily (probably my desk at work and maybe a sticky note on my personal laptop too) to help me stay on track. That said, here’s what I’ve got for April:
1. start taking multivitamins | At a recent therapy appointment, we were discussing the goal behind my meal planning, when I realized that I wasn’t on the same page as my therapist. Long story short, to fill in some of the gaps that meal planning isn’t covering, I’m going to try taking a multivitamin every day! Anyone have one they recommend?
2. create a Pinterest strategy that works | I’ve been working a lot through the tail end of March on figuring out Pinterest, and now I want to put some energy into creating a strategy that actually drives traffic my way. For those interested, I’ve been making my way through The Nectar Collective‘s Pinfinite Growth e-course and have been using (and loving) Board Booster. I highly recommend both!
3. be the best maid-of-honor I can be | My bestie is gettin’ hitched later this month and I’m so excited to be her right-hand gal on her big day. I’ve never been a maid-of-honor, or even a bridesmaid, so I definitely want to hear your advice for helping her celebrate the best day of her life without any stress.
4. get a massage | It’s time. Yes, it’s on my 26 before 26 list and I need to do it anyway, but goodness my neck/shoulders have been in terrible shape lately and I’ve got to see if a massage can do anything to help. Someone recommended that I try a local massage school, so I think that’s what I’m going to do!
5. complete as many remaining 26 before 26 goals as possible | Speaking of my 26 before 26 goals, I have just a little over a month-and-a-half before my deadline/birthday! I’m feeling confident that I can cross at least a few more items off the list before then! (Note: I’m currently at 13 and will be at 14 for sure by the end of the week!)

I can’t wait to see what all of your are going to do in April! Join the linkup below and link back to this post so other people can discover all you awesome goal setters!

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