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Welcome to my March shopping update with the budgeting bloggers! I am soooo excited about everything I bought this month that I don’t even feel bad about how much I spent. Historically, I spend the most during the first month of the season because of temperature changes and new arrivals, so I think I’m on an okay track if I stick to my guns for the rest of the quarter. That said, let’s look at some pretty clothes.
What I bought:

what i bought march1

STRUT Maroon Bow Sleeve Top – $49.00
Ann Taylor Floral Lace Skirt – $77.40 (40% off)
Madewell Anthem Scoop Tank Top – $39.50 [worn here]
Madewell Industry Button-Back Top – $63.60 (20% off)
francesca’s Laney Leaf Print A-Line Dress – $35.20 (20% off)
Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Built-In Sculpt Jeans – $23.96 (40% off)
Banana Republic Red Skirt via Poshmark – $25.00 [not pictured, worn here]
Vintage Floral Dress via Reverie Vintage – $55.00 [not pictured, worn here]

Monthly Total: $368.66
Quarterly Budget Spent: $368.66
Quarterly Budget Remaining: $131.34

I’d been stalking this bow-sleeve top on STRUT’s Instagram for several weeks, and then it finally came home with me when I stopped in to buy a birthday gift. I’m obsessed with the way it fits and already know it’s going to be one of those tops I have to actively try to not wear every single day when it warms up. (For you non-local girls, I saw that Ruche carries this top! It’s currently sold out, but you can have them notify you if it comes back!)
Speaking of wearing every single day, the Madewell button-back top is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever bought. I truly feel like a million bucks in it and it’s easy to dress up or down. It was a bit of an impulse purchase at Nordstrom when I was trying on some jeans, but I’ve been wanting to add more Madewell pieces to my closet and this one is such a freaking winner. I’m still deciding if I want to pick it up in white or black, or if I really need the same blouse in several colors (I know I’m not alone in doing this!).
The other Madewell item I bought that I’m also wearing a ton is the scoop tank in burgundy. I know $40 is a lot to spend on a tank top, but I really love it and think it’s going to hold up over time better than my Old Navy tanks (sorry, ON).
On the same shopping trip as the tank, I fell in love with the pretty gold Ann Taylor skirt in their window display in the NorthPark Mall in Dallas. I haven’t worn this one yet because I’m hoping to get a black tank top to wear with it, but seeing it here in this post, I think I’m going to style it with the burgundy tank first because how great are those colors together (e.g. like this)?
Let’s talk jeans real quick: I have been searching and searching for a replacement pair of regular blue jeans. I love my AG jeans, but they really are too big and fall down constantly, so they’re a pain to wear unless I’ll be at my desk all day. I saw that Old Navy put out these built-in sculpt jeans and I had to give them a try. I’m desperately between sizes right now, so I ordered both an 8 and 10. The 10 fits similarly to my AG jeans, though perhaps a little better. They do fall down when I walk, which I think has to do with the stretch that seems to be in both this pair and the AGs. Because of that extra stretch, the 8s are a pretty perfect fit. The built-in sculpt is awesome and they’re really comfortable.

What I received:

what i bought march2

White Eyelet Midi Dress c/o francesca’s
Knotted T-Strap Huarache c/o francesca’s
Simone Pendant Necklace c/o francesca’s

I always want to be transparent about the brands I work with and what I receive from them. These are the pieces I was given for my event at francesca’s, which you’ve seen here! I have worn these shoes almost every day since, and the necklace is already in constant rotation too. I honestly feel so pretty in the white dress (which I got in a medium) and can’t wait to wear it again. If any of you have your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner coming up, it would be the perfect dress!

This weekend I’m planning on picking up a few things at Old Navy (this top and this top for sure!), and then the rest of my focus is shoes. I really want a pair of New Balance sneakers to wear with jeans like this, and I hope to try these out! I also need some sandals like real bad.

As always, I’m linking up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. Be sure to check out what everyone else bought this month and learn a little about setting a shopping budget too!
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