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It’s March! It’s Monday! That must mean it’s time for some small goals! Even though February didn’t go the way I planned it, I tried my best to keep up with my goals for the month to help me not totally derail the month. I’m glad I did, because seeing how much I actually accomplished is helping me feel better about the month! Plus, I realized that I didn’t even make a Thrive-related goal, which took up a chunk of my time and energy for February, so now I’m thinking I actually kicked last month’s butt!
1. meal plan every week | done! The meal planning ahead of time part went pretty well. The actually eating what I planned? Not always so much. But I’m working on it!
2. add clothing item tags to blog posts | not done. So, I started to do this, but Kimi left a comment on my last goals post about how too many tags can seem cluttered, and I decided I agree. I still may do something like this in the future, but I decided that right now it’s not a priority.
3. design and order new business cards | done! Though, I did have to pay extra to rush them to me because I waited until too late to order them before Thrive — oops!
4. mail Valentine’s to people I love | done! I had so much fun doing this! It was a nice reason to make something pretty and show love.
5. do my taxes | done! I’ll let you know what I’m using my return for down below…
4/5! Not too bad. It’s nice to know that even when the every day activities aren’t what I planned, setting goals helps me make the most of the month. Speaking of which, let’s see what’s in store for March:
1. Buy a couch! | eeee! This is going to be my big tax return purchase! My beloved vintage couch is officially sat out, and since I do all of my blogging and television watching from my couch, a replacement is a big priority for me. I currently have my eye on this one, this one, and this one!
2. Get the blog back on track with an editorial calendar | While I didn’t take a full-on blogging break in February, I did allow myself grace when I didn’t feel like putting a post up. Now I feel more ready to come back, with planned and scheduled content.
3. Practice saying “no” more | I’m familiar with the idea that saying “no” is important sometimes, but I realized last month that I’m not saying no enough and I need to guard my time better. I was so good with self-care years ago because of my old job, but I’ve let it slip since then. I’ve got a post in the works about this (because, obvi), so stay tuned!
4. Have one computer-free night a week | Last month when I was blogging less, I would often enjoy the whole evening without opening my computer. And, you know? It felt nice. So I want to keep it up, even as I ramp my blogging back up.
5. Go on walks during my lunch break | Since we moved offices for work back in December, I now work in beautiful downtown Austin where it’s stupid convenient to go for a walk or run on my lunch. With the weather as nice as it’s been, I’ve been craving being outside more and this feels like a nice way to get some exercise in while enjoying the fresh air!
So that’s (hopefully!) my month! Now it’s your turn: share your small goals for the month ahead below!

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