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What a whirlwind of a week! I spent last weekend in the DFW area for work, had my francesca’s event on Tuesday night, SXSW has taken over my city, and I’ve already got a running to-do list for this weekend. Whew! After talking to some friends about how self-care has sort of dropped on my priority list, I thought it would be cool to infuse these weekly link love posts with a little self-care action. I think it’ll probably look different each post, or at least until I find a rhythm, but to start…
♥ A list of things I’m okay with this week: not having pretty handwriting, waiting until I’m out of clean undies to do laundry, buying three blue and white dresses within three weeks of each other, eating my weight in cocoa krispies for dinner every night, and wanting to see Zootopia more than any other movie this year.
♥ The happiest thing I saw this week: this video with the caption “when the only person you knead is yourself.”
♥ The most important thing I saw this week: how one quote make a big impact on Alissa (and now, on me!)
♥ A catchy, nuanced, feminist song by my favs on SNL.
♥ T-shirt goals, hair goals, general goals.
♥ I need help. I want these shoes very badly, but I don’t know what color to get. Brown, black, or red?
♥ My favorite person on the Internet went to the only version of Disney World that matters to me (ahem, Kleinfeld Bridal), so obvi I love everything about this post.
♥ Alice went to my favorite place on Earth (that I’ve never been…) and her recap is giving me all the heart eyes.
♥ My dear, darling April is stunning (both in the beautiful way and the wow way!) in this gold skirt.
♥ A little wishlist for the weekend: this playful set, these perfect gold flats, these denim overalls, this blush blazer, and these daring sneakers.
What did you do for self-care this week? What’s on your to-do list for the weekend?
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