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I can’t tell if February is flying by or moving like molasses, you know? The days are long, but the weeks don’t seem to have enough days (or maybe it’s just the weekends that aren’t long enough!). One thing I am sure of is that the weather in Austin has been incredible. I know the rest of the country is still very much experiencing winter, but my city has welcomed spring and my heart feels full with the warm sun hitting my skin. I’m working on mindfulness this year, so while the hours of the day may escape me, I’m doing my best to notice and indulge in the little moments that bring me joy: eating lunch on a patio, adding watercolor to paper and watching it become more vibrant, picking up on the exact things Dago does that make me crazy about him. I’m spending less time reading think pieces and more time enjoying a meal with friends and celebrating their successes, big and small.
Anyway, you didn’t come here to read me babble on about my month — you want them links! I’ve found some real good ones for you!

♥ First things first: I mentioned recently that I was working on something special, and I’m so excited to finally share! My dear friend Michelle just launched a hilarious, relatable, female-driven and written website to accompany her podcast by the same name, I Was Just Saying That. I was fortunate to be asked to contribute a couple of articles for the big launch! You may not know this about me, but I love writing magazine-style quizzes, so I put together this one to help you figure out if your 2016 color of the year is Rose Quartz or Serenity. Also, I know Valentine’s has passed, but these Netflix and Chill recommendations still hold up (*wink wink*). Be sure to also check out some fabulous writing by Chelsea and all the other contributors on the site!

♥ It is always my goal to be authentic here on writes like a girl, and I’m so inspired by other bloggers who make a point of doing the same. Case in point: Liz’s personal blogger promise.

♥ Everybody go look at Rachel rocking my favorite fringe booties with some fab co-ords in front of the best wall.
♥ I’m always obsessed with packing posts, and Katie totally nailed this one.
♥ Does anyone remember the show State of Grace aka the world’s introduction to Mae Whitman and Alia Shawkat aka Arrested Development‘s Ann and Maeby?? Well, it was also the first time I saw a Jewish character on TV as a kid and it was a super big deal to me. They’re having a reunion and, like Buzzfeed, I’m already crying.
♥ Holy meow this DIY is everything I want and need (and everything Contessa doesn’t care about).
♥ Okay, so I’ve been adamantly against every putting flared jeans on again because, goodness, those middle and high school flashbacks are too real. BUT. How hot does Fran look? Can I look like that if I wear flared jeans? Please advise.
♥ A little early on for this sort of shopping, but is this not the most perfect designer for summer?
♥ Things on my wishlist: feminine lace shoes to ring in spring, this pompom blanket for my office, a little midweek sparkle, these beautifully unique frames, and these fierce-as-fuck flats (I have a thing for gold, okay?).

What did you love on the Internet this week?

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