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Whew. We made it. Was January more of a tornado than a whirlwind start to the year for anyone else? It started off strong, sure, but quickly spiraled kind of out of control for me. I put too much on my plate, and I didn’t take enough time for me to be well. I am readyreadyready for a new month. Before I can officially usher in February, let’s say goodbye to January by seeing what I checked off my goals list!
1. plan a bridal shower | done…twice? I did plan a bridal shower, but after talking to the bride more about the guest list, we decided on something smaller, so those plans sort of went out the window. I have a new plan and a date set, but haven’t taken action on the specifics (made a reservation, bought gift bags, etc.) because it’s a little too far in advance. Next step: invitations!

2. make headway on our guest bathroom | I’ve got a plan that you should stay tuned for, oh, this Wednesday? So excited to share! I’ve already ordered a few pieces and have a little more shopping to do, but it’s coming along nicely!

3. no clothing purchases | alright, so I mentioned in my January budget post that I did technically purchase a pair of shoes for Valentine’s Day. Here’s why I’m not counting this as a fail on my goal: I used a Visa gift card that I received from work, so not my “own” money, and 2. I would have waited until February to buy them, but as a blogger, I needed to be able to take the photos ahead of time in order to share here. (#bloggerproblems) I really didn’t miss shopping very much for most of the month, but I had a very sad spurt at the end of the month which usually would have been an excuse to shop. I was strong and didn’t give in!
4. give our apartment “gym” a try | done! I *did* go, even if it was only one time. January kicked my butt, but I’m going to make more time to exercise because I can tell that I feel worse when I don’t.
5. pick up some watercolors | done! I’m in LOVE! Expect to see a lot more watercolor fun from me in the future, but here are a few little paintings I did this month: one, two, three.
Starting off 2016 strong with 5/5! I’m honestly shocked that I finished anything when I was feeling so overwhelmed and crummy, but I think I at least set myself up for success from the beginning of the month by getting supplies, making a strong schedule, and sticking to my guns. Now, if only I can keep it up for February!
1. meal plan every week | the current challenge with intuitive eating that I’ve been working through is grocery shopping. I tend to not buy enough food, either for home or for work, but meal planning has been helping me do a better job. I hope to make it a weekly habit in February!
2. add clothing item tags to blog posts | this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’d love to be able to link to all the times I’ve worn my Sam Edelman booties, for instance, instead of just using a “booties” tag or tracking down every relevant post each time I need it. Fran does this, and I love that I can see how many times and ways she’s worn a particular item, especially over the years!
3. design and order new business cards | I’m going to a blogging conference in Houston at the end of February (more on this soon!), and I need updated business cards for the blog, as well as a stack for the podcast! Gotta get that Moo order in ASAP for them to come in on time!
4. mail Valentine’s to people I love | making Valentine’s is one of my favorite yearly traditions, but for some reason I’ve never mailed any to my far-away friends! Excited to get crafty and send some love through the mail.
5. do my taxes | this is pretty self-explanatory. I just want to get it done as early as possible this year!
Made a few of your own small goals for February? Add your link below, mention this link-up in your own post, and check out what everyone else has on deck for the next month!

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