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old navy smock dress knit scarf1old navy smock dress knit scarf6old navy smock dress knit scarf3old navy smock dress knit scarf7old navy smock dress knit scarf5old navy smock dress knit scarf2

dress: Old Navy (current version) // scarf: c/o Interlaced Goods // tights: Loft // booties: old American Eagle (similar) // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry
photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I realized recently that y’all haven’t seen this Old Navy swing dress in a while, even though I’ve been wearing it in pretty constant rotation since the last blog sighting. Now that the temps have dropped (finally, sometimes), I pair it with tights, and I honestly like it this way just as much. In fact, I think I’ll keep collecting these Old Navy swing dresses as long as Old Navy puts them out because they’re stupid comfortable and so flattering. It doesn’t get better than that.

Let’s talk about flattering for a sec. It’s a word I’ve mentioned before because it’s a naughty word in some body positive communities, but one I really appreciate still. For me, it’s about feeling my best and feeling like my perceived best features are being highlighted. I’m a girl with a short torso, round shoulders, a full tummy, and long legs. Every day I wear clothes is an opportunity to dress this body in a way that makes me feel happy so I can do the things I love to do: write, snuggle with Contessa, eat ice cream, cheer on my friends, be a great partner to Dago. Flattering is all about self-perception. It’s about celebrating the parts you love, not so much hiding parts you don’t (though it’s okay if that happens in the process. We’re all human here!).

When I see myself in this outfit, I know I look good, so I’m going to skip and smile and strut and say hi to strangers. Not because everything is in its right place — my shoulders are no less round and my stomach is no less full — but because it’s my body and it’s the only one I’ve got.

Me and this swing dress have some work to do, so we’ll see you on the flipside!

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