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small goals january

In case no one’s told you yet, happy new year! I’m so excited about my resolutions for 2016, and I’m excited to start seeing them out through my monthly small goals. Before getting into my first set of goals for the year, let’s take a look down memory road — all the way back to 2015!

Here’s what was on deck for December:

1. list my gently-used clothes on Poshmark | Straight. Up. Nope. I meant to, but ended up being really busy, and it rained a lot during the weekends when I had time, so there wasn’t very good light to photograph the clothing in. I hope to get to this soon!

2. watch all of Star Wars, and then see the new movie | Okay, so I re-watched the original movies, but didn’t have time to get to the ’90s prequels. I did see the new film, which is easily my favorite movie of the last few years!
3. figure out my blogging goals for 2016 | done! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to share them, but it was really helpful for me to reflect on what I want for this blog in the next year. Also, HUGE thanks to the FREAKING 90+ of you who filled out my reader survey! Y’all had such helpful (and wonderful) things to say and I feel awesome about what this blog can do in 2016!
4. work on a budget for the 2016 | done! Check out my official shopping budget for the year here.
5. support small businesses with my holiday shopping | done! I had so much fun handpicking gifts for my loved ones from small, local, and independently-owned businesses! A few shops I supported were Moorea Seal, Plaid Pigeon, and Emm Roy.
3/5 during the holidays isn’t too bad. Hoping for better in January, of course!
1. plan a bridal shower | Next weekend I get to celebrate my besite/soon-to-be-bride’s birthday and bachelorette party, but I need to get planning her bridal shower too! Anybody have tips on making it a great one?
2. make headway on our guest bathroom | My mom got us some beautiful towels for our guest bathroom and it really lit a fire under me to get working on it! I finally have a clear picture in my head of what I want, so now I just have to put all the pieces together.
3. no clothing purchases | Oh yeah, here’s this big one. Other than a bridesmaid dress, I will purchase zero clothing in the month of January. Scout’s honor!
4. give our apartment “gym” a try | So I promise that this goal has nothing to do with it being a new year. I’m one of those people who experiences S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder), and being active is one way I try to combat it. Plus, I’ve been craving running lately, so I figure I should see if the ole treadmill and I can make nice.
5. pick up some watercolors | I’m signed up for a floral painting class at The Paper + Craft Pantry at the end of the month, but I’ve been thinking about trying my hand at watercolors too! I really hated using watercolors as a kid, but hopefully have improved my motor skills since then. 
Whew, I have a busy month ahead! Here’s to hoping I can fit it all in and not get overwhelmed.
Got a few small goals of your own for January? Link up below! Or, if you haven’t set goals for the month yet, but you want to, now is as good a time as any to start! I can’t wait to see what everyone is doing to start 2016 off right!

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