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It’s been like two weeks since I’ve shared links, and I’ve saved up some good ones for my first link love post of 2016. I wanna know all about your first week of the year, but first let’s get into some links!

♥ Do you choose a word for the year? I accidentally did this year after realizing that all of my resolutions are really about mindfulness. However, Chelsea’s word is my favorite I’ve ever heard, and I love how many ways it applies to her growth over the next year.

♥ Thinking about tracking your shopping and spending in 2016? Definitely read Fran’s how-to on setting and sticking to a shopping budget.

♥ I couldn’t agree more with what Jess says about shopping vs. style and the state of style blogging.

♥ A lot of people have a lot of opinions on new year’s resolutions. While I didn’t agree with everything here*, I love these body positive “resolutions” for 2016. (*I think most of the activists asked are taking the word “resolution” at face value in its negative connotations instead of what I believe it really means. I have a lot of friends who have transitioned to using the word “intention” instead, which I also like, but I personally use them interchangeably.)

♥ Speaking of body posi activists, I’ve been following Kelsey Miller for a while now and just pre-ordered her new book. I loved this excerpt about the “pre-diet,” or the diet ritual no one talks about. (And speaking of books, I’m currently looking for recommendations! Send all the funny lady memoirs and thoughtful books of essays my way!)

♥ Cathy totally nailed the look in beanies this week: something casual, something fancy.

♥ Looking for a podcast for your commute home? A friend recommended this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You entitled The Hidden Lives of Fashion Bloggers. As a blogger (though, not like the ones they’re talking about), I found this interesting, and it reaffirmed my personal sense of direction my own blog. Curious to know what others think!

♥ I just discovered Girl Lost in the City and immediately added her to my Bloglovin’. I especially liked this post about the stress and heartache over realizing someone unfollowed you.

♥ I may not be shopping this month, but that’s never stopped me from making a wishlist! This week I’m loving this cute graphic sweatshirt (since my ‘make it happen’ one is sold out!), these cool girl sneaks, these bath salts that match my perfume, these chic drape front jackets, these marble pillow cases, and these sweet sailor’s knot pieces.

After work today, I’m off to start celebrating my bestie’s bachelorette party weekend! What do you have on deck for the weekend?

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