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bird scarf and blue jeans

bird scarf AG jeans4bird scarf AG jeans1bird scarf AG jeans7bird scarf AG jeans5bird scarf AG jeans3bird scarf AG jeans2bird scarf AG jeans6

sweater: Forever 21 (similar) // jeans: AG Jeans c/o Shopbop // booties: old American Eagle (similar) // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage // scarf: vintage

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

I may look a little grimace-y in these photos (it was raining!), but this is actually my favorite outfit I wore this fall. And I wore it a ton. Seriously, I can think of at least five occasions I wore it, and that doesn’t even count the times I just threw it on to run to Target for more ice cream.
You’ve seen this sweater before here. It’s stupid cozy and it layers really well, so it’s been in pretty constant rotation. Also in rotation? These jeans! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I received a new pair of jeans that broke my whole rating system. Here’s them!
AG Jeans are thicker than any other pair I’ve tried. They’re also long enough for me to cuff (which is super rare for me)! I think my most favorite feature is that they don’t sag in the knees. They’re incredibly stretchy, and truly fit like soft leggings that sculpt to my legs. I haven’t owned denim of this quality before, but I can definitely say that I’m a designer convert now. It’s true that I received these jeans as a part of my sponsorship with Shopbop, but I would absolutely use my own money to buy a pair in the future.
The only issue with this particular pair that I’m wearing is that I decided to size up, and I shouldn’t have. I typically wear an 8, but tried on a pretty snug pair of AG jeans in a 29 at Nordstrom and decided to go for the 30 when I ordered online. However, the gal in the dressing room warned me that AG Jeans are extremely stretchy, so I do have an issue with them sagging quite a bit. It hasn’t stopped me from wearing them so far (though I can tell in these photos that I should have worn a belt!), but next time I’ll get my usual size.
P.S. If I haven’t convinced you yet that scarves are the best accessories, just check out these scarf-wearing archives!
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