4 books i’d love to read in 2016

Last year, I set lofty reading goals. I made a whole reading list and decided I was going to start reviewing books here on the blog. Decidedly, it was all too much and I totally failed if you see things that way (I don’t). I read 3.5 of the books on my list and 1 book not on my list. I reviewed 2 of them on the blog. I never even bought five of the books.
This year, I’m doing things differently. I’m only interested in reading books that I’m so excited about that I want to buy them all right now and read them tomorrow. I can’t wait to be someone who has read these books because I know I’m going to enjoy them. There’s nothing too much deeper than that here. I like to read for enjoyment, and I don’t like feeling guilty about not reading or not enjoying something.
That said, here are 4 books I’d love to read in 2016:

furiously happy
1. Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

If reading Jenny Lawson’s first book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, opened my heart to laughter in the face of mental illness, seeing her speak in person at Texas Style Council made it grow at least three sizes. I am so excited to finally sit down with Furiously Happy and laugh until I cry until I’m laughing again. She just does it like no one else can.
To sum up the synopsis: hilarious and maybe ridiculous encouragement to embrace every part of ourselves and our lives, no matter how effed or “crazy,” because what if we stop just living and being just and start being happier than we think we’re allowed to be.

big girl
2. Big Girl: How I Gave Up Dieting and Got a Life by Kelsey Miller

I’m a Kelsey Miller fangirl. I discovered her on Refinery29, where she writes a column called The Anti-Diet Project. One of her articles inspired my intuitive eating, and it sounds like this book is going to do more of the same. I find her super empowering, which is pretty cool because a lot of food-and-body-image-related books and writers are triggering to me. I’ve actually already pre-ordered this book and it should be in my mailbox right now, and cannot wait to devour it, so to speak.
To sum up the synopsis: A woman with lifelong distorted body image and disordered eating habits begins a journey to sanity and self-security through intuitive eating.

how to weep in public
3. How to Weep in Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from One Who Knows by Jacqueline Novak

As I was looking for 2016 releases, I stumbled upon this title and knew immediately I wanted to read it. I mentioned yesterday that one of my favorite things to talk about is my feelings, but if we’re being honest, I really like to talk about depression. There’s unnecessary stigma around it and I think having conversations about it makes us all that much less alone in something that is already entirely isolating. So, yeah. I’m going to read a book about depression and I’m going to like it.
To sum up the synopsis: Silly, satirical, and probably all-too-true advice for when nothing else seems to be working, from someone who “gets” it.

why not me
4. Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling

I know that my book picks aren’t always for everyone, but I do like to read what everyone else is reading sometimes. Case in point? Anything Mindy Kaling puts out. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is one of the funniest books I’ve read, and from everything I’ve heard, I’m going to love Why Not Me? even more.
To sum up the synopsis: A woman tries to find her place in the world, while also searching for happiness. Spoiler alert: we deserve both!
What’s on your reading list this year?
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