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what i bought in december

I can’t believe this is the last budgeting bloggers link-up of 2015! Today’s post is a little longer than usual because I’m going to squeeze in my December purchases with a round up of May-now and some thoughts on budgeting in 2016. That said, here’s what I picked up this month:

what i bought in december

Pocket Blouse – $26.92
Vintage Coach Purse via Pieceology Vintage – $54.40
Total: $314.77
Every single thing I bought in December, with the exception of the Zella leggings, were on sale. The two J.Crew Factory sweaters and gingham shirt were bought between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (I got paid on that Monday, so I put in a second order). After I got the Madewell parka and Coach purse, I decided I was done shopping for the month. I even praised myself to Dago for only buying a few things!

That is, until the weather changed. Since we sort of skipped fall here in Austin, my options for 70° weather are sort of lacking. None of my blouses from last year fit anymore (womp womp), so I’ve got either tank tops or full-on sweaters. Since Loft was having great sales leading up to Christmas, and since they’re my favorite place to get quality blouses, I decided to pick up a couple and call it good.
Now that I have a few blouses and sweaters, a very nice coat (review coming soon!), and jeans and boots from previous months, I’m done shopping for the rest of winter. Yep, I’m going to do a shopping freeze in January! The last thing I need to pick up is a pair of gray flats, and the ones I want have been back-ordered until January, so I’ll get those as soon as I can and then won’t shop at all in January. If my plans go correctly, February will only include Valentine’s-related purchases, which I’m already planning, and I’m already SO excited about. (For new readers: Valentine’s is like my Christmas. I go all out and have no shame.)
Okay….I’ve stalled long enough. It’s time to rip off the band-aid and see how much I spent between May (when I started tracking my spending) and December. (You can see all those posts here!)
7 Month Total: 1,884.55 

My current average spending a month is $235. If I had tracked all 12 months, I’d have a better idea, but assuming it’s pretty close, that means I spent about 2,820 in 2015. I guess I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I put that number in context of what it could buy (a really nice couch, a wedding dress, you know — the usual), it’s a little painful to swallow. Though I wouldn’t expect myself to not ever buy clothes, I can definitely make an effort to spend less on clothes in 2016.

I’ve always loved that Fran does her budget quarterly instead of monthly. I tend to be a seasonal shopper whose downfall is getting distracted throughout the season and buying either more than I need or buying things I don’t need instead of things I do. I think with a budget and better planning through each season, I can spend less, need less, and wear what I have more.
Math is really hard for me, so in the middle of this blog post I’ve started two different spreadsheets, used the calculator on my phone more than I have in months, and complained to Dago at least twice. However, I think I’ve settled on $500 as a quarterly budget. That puts me at 2,000 for the year, which is about $800 less than I spent this year. I think it will make me shop $800-worth smarter, without making me miserable. Also, both Kimi and Fran use a $500 quarterly budget (which I actually didn’t realize until after I decided on mine), so that makes me feel like it’s a good idea. Here’s to spending smarter and remixing more in 2016!
Will you use a shopping budget in 2016? What did you buy in December that you’re super excited about?
P.S. I’m linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers! Be sure to check everyone out!
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