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jacket: Charlotte Russe (similar) // sweater: Soft Joie c/o Shopbop // jeans: Old Navy // boots: Madden Girl // necklace: The Land of Salt // pin: Word For Word Factory (gift from Chelsea!)
Does anyone else feel like their to-do list is just out of control this season? It seems like every list item has an A, B, and C attached to it, and all of them are number one priorities. Whew, am I looking forward to a day or two off in a couple of weeks!

Speaking of my to-do list, Chelsea got me this badass pin for my birthday and somehow it hasn’t made it to the blog yet even though I wear it all the time!

I’m also super excited to finally share an outfit with this asymmetrical sweater that I picked up in October. It was the perfect weight to wear in the cool-ish weather we had here in early November, before things got weird and it became freezing and then back to the 80s. I will say that I’ve been surprised with how well it layers, in spite of its unique shape. Wearing it with this faux leather jacket has probably been my favorite way to style it, especially because it helps the sweater be a little more fitted. I probably should have sized down (I’m wearing a medium here), but I can’t say it isn’t cozy at this size!

Now let’s talk about jeans. I bought two pairs in November: these Rockstar skinnies from Old Navy and a pair of AG Farrah jeans. I wanted to do a quick little review of these, with a review of the AG jeans coming in a few weeks. Both pairs are high-rise, which is definitely my preference these days. The Rockstar jeans fit extremely well in the waist/hips, and the top of the jeans come up higher than my previous pair of Banana Republic “high-rise” jeans (which were really more mid-rise). The BR jeans sort of cut me right in the middle of my tummy, making for not such a cute look and definitely not as comfortable. The Old Navy jeans fit just above my “love handles” rising a couple of inches above my belly button and providing plenty of coverage across my back. This makes for a smooth look across my torso under shirts and sweaters, while also being high enough to tuck shirts into.

My only significant issue with the jeans is how they fit around my ankles. This is an issue I have with most jeans, but I would say it’s significantly worse with these jeans than most. The ankles fit much wider than a skinny jean typically does/should, which becomes extra weird when I cuff them. I’m abnormally self-conscious about the way jeans fit with boots, and these baggy ankles definitely aren’t ideal. However, I don’t know if this is an issue other people would have with these jeans or if it’s just a me problem.

A quick spoiler alert: I thought I had a solid rating scale for jeans, but then the AG jeans came into my life and showed me a level of greatness I didn’t know was attainable in a pair of denim. That said, I rate these Rockstar jeans a 7 out of 10. That’s still a great score, especially for the price. In fact, because of the price, I’m considering getting the ankles tailored to fit better. We’ll see, but still, I would 100% buy these jeans again.

Have you tried the Rockstar skinny jeans? How do they rate compared to other denim in your life? Are you into the asymmetrical sweater look? Tell me all the things!

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