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remembering 2015 | favorite outfits (+ a reader survey!)

best outfits 2015

all photos by Chelsea Laine Francis
This was an interesting year in style for me. I moved away from a pretty strict capsule concept and instead let myself remix using my whole closet. However, I also pared my closet down quite a bit and focused on purchasing staple pieces and statement pieces, rather than lots of pretty things that fall somewhere in between. I realized that minimalism is too bland for my taste, and defined my personal style as playfully classic. I had a lot of fun with my clothes this year, and I think it shows here.
As far as my blog, I started sharing fewer outfits in lieu of writing more. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and I miss sharing more than one outfit a week, so I want to try to make that happen. There are a lot of things I’ve worn this year, especially lately, that never made it to the blog. Obviously no one is like “omg I wonder what Nicole wears the other six days of the week,” but I spend so much energy putting together outfits I love that it seems a shame not to show them to you.
One thing that I love about these ten outfits is that I feel like they really showcase my personal style. All of my favorite things are present: midi skirts, printed skirts, chambray, and stripes; lots of playing with layers and proportions. I even added a lot more jewelry into the mix, and it always felt like me instead of trying to emulate someone else. Nothing here is groundbreaking; I never claim to be the best dressed in the room, but everything here is comfortable, practical, and just creative enough.
Do you have a favorite outfit I wore in 2015? What’s your favorite thing you wore in the last year? P.S. Check out my favorite outfits from 2014 and 2013.

Aaaand since I have you here, would you mind filling out a super quick reader survey?

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