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anti-bucket list

Can you believe it will be 2016 in just a couple of short days? I’ve spent that last week or so reflecting on 2015 and feeling really proud of everything I accomplished. I went into the year feeling depressed and especially pessimistic, not feeling like I had anything to look forward to. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

2015 was far from perfect, but it has been by far my most successful year, by my own terms, of my whole life. From personal growth to achievements I can tangibly cross off a list, I did more good for myself in 2015 than ever before.

This post began as a review in all of the small goals I accomplished in 2015, but I realized that wasn’t going to be particularly interesting for you or for me. I was catching up on blog posts over the weekend when I found Olivia’s anti-bucket list (inspired by Emma’s, inspired by an article in the Glamour). This seemed like such a better way to look at the accomplishments of the year. I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a little horn tootin’, especially when reflecting on the past year and preparing for another successful year ahead.

That said, here’s my anti-bucket list for 2015:

♥ Completed 42 out of 60 monthly small goals from January through December and started a link-up for other bloggers to participate in with me

♥ Turned 25 and made a lot of headway on my 26 before 26 goals

♥ Published 183 blog posts on writes like a girl and recorded 46 episodes of Breakfast for Dinner

♥ Guested on 7 podcasts and engaged with the amazing podcast community online and in person

♥ Filmed a studio session with Lady ATX Mag and was featured in Austin Woman Magazine

♥ Promoted to Executive Editor at work

♥ Invited to be a guest storyteller at The New Movement theater’s Megaphone Show and fell in love with the Austin comedy scene

♥ Cooked 3 new things: roasted potatoeslemon barspeanut butter chews

♥ Started eating intuitively

♥ Journaled for a whole month using Grid Diary

 Bought a dryer!

♥ Met Sophia Rossi and moderated her keynote at TxSC

♥ Read 4 books: Yes Please (review here), Not That Kind of Girl (review here), A Tale of Two Besties, and You Feel So Mortal

♥ Borrowed a Chevy Tahoe to take a girls trip to Marfa and visited West Texas for the first time

♥ Visited to Pedernales Falls with Dago for our anniversary

♥ Went to Round Top for the antique fair

♥ Attended Fun Fun Fun Fest for the first time

♥ Binge-watched too many shows to name here (Mr. Robot, Jessica Jones, and Bojack Horseman are a few favs)

♥ Went on lots of movie dates with Dago

♥ Figured out my gosh darn bra size and became a total #bravangelist

♥ Started going to a weekly coworking group for badass creative women in Austin

♥ Consistently used an agenda for the first time in my life

♥ Created my first media kit and began working with brands I believe in

Got a little plant-obsessed and bought 4 houseplants, all of which are still alive!

♥ Started making some changes in our apartment and fell in love with it all over again

♥ Made significant progress in therapy and made positive adjustments to my anti-depressants and anxiety meds

♥ Fostered friendships with amazing women and supported their creative pursuits

♥ Learned so much about myself and fell in love with the girl beneath the pretty clothes and behind the blog

A busy year? I’d say so! Looking back on all of this, I’m already excited to start 2016 because I’ve got such big things ahead! What do you think of an anti-bucket list? I’d love to hear a few of your top accomplishments from the year, even if you don’t publish your own!

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