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Today’s wishlist is a prime example of my rabbit hole shopping habits. I mentioned on Monday that I have a pretty hefty store credit to Forever 21. I spent a lot of time this weekend browsing the site, looking primarily at sweaters and blouses. I was mostly unimpressed with the selection, when I decided to check out their coats, which have been great in years’ past. That’s when I stumbled upon the hooded parka that I didn’t know I needed, that is now at the top of my wishlist. Because I had to see what else was out there, I now have a handful of front-runners in my hooded parka search.
  on my list hooded parkas
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First off, we’ve got the Forever 21 coat, or catalyst, that sparked my search. I’ve owned several Forever 21 coats and they tend to be great quality at a great price, especially for someone living in Texas who definitely needs a coat in the winter, but not like, a coat, if you know what I mean. It’s currently sold out in my preferred color (olive) and size (medium), but I have an alert on in case it comes back!
Along the same lines, I love the traditional olive shade of the Madewell, J.Crew Factory, and Brave Soul parkas. The navy Vince Camuto parka is the most expensive one on my list, but also the one that looks highest quality to me. If I lived somewhere with a harsher winter, it would definitely be my pick.
In more color fun, I like the true khaki color of the Dorothy Perkins parka and the darker version from DKNY (on crazy sale!). If I hadn’t gotten a red coat just last year (thanks, mom!), I’d definitely look into getting this berry parka from ASOS or the dark wine one from Johnston and Murphy.
Since I buy myself one coat a year, and last year’s was super feminine, I want to switch things up with a sportier look to go with outfits that my red coat doesn’t really match. Plus, if the rest of this year is any indication, it’s going to be a very wet winter. That said, which of these would you get?
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