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Happy Chanukah, loves! I know it’s a few days into the holiday already, but I wanted to post my “wishlist” anyway. Dago has pointed out that I just buy myself everything I want, making me difficult to shop for. While Dago may have figured out my gift on his own already and I confirmed with my parents that they’re getting me this steamer, here are a few things I’ve had my eye on that I wouldn’t mind unwrapping for Chanukah (or Christmas!) this year.
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J.Crew Factory Amelia Flats in Pewter – So, to be honest, I almost bought these over Black Friday weekend. The only reason I didn’t is because they’re backordered until January and I didn’t want to risk the money being taken out of my account when they were ready to ship. However, at a $49.99 price point, they would make a great, practical gift. I’ve been wearing a lot more gray lately and my silver flats have officially bit the dust. Needless to say, I’ll end up with these one way or another!

Zella Live-In High-Waist Leggings – After seeing these recommended by every blogger under the sun, I definitely want a pair. Again, this is something practical and something I could buy myself. For whatever reason I’ve been putting off purchasing them, making them a great gift for someone wanting to buy me something I know I’ll use constantly. (If you’re not seeing a theme here, Dago’s really into practical gifts.)

Free People Luella Crossbody – Less on the practical side and heavy on beauty, I am in love with this crossbody bag! I’ve been looking for a purse for more formal occasions forever, but can’t seem to every pull the trigger on anything. Most clutch bags seem like they’ll only go with a certain number of outfits, so I’m having trouble choosing a truly versatile one. Also, clutch bags can honestly be a pain because of the lack of strap. This bag is pretty enough that I think I could wear it with almost anything and it would be enough of a statement to garner compliments, but not distract from the outfit like something more colorful might.

chanukah - to live copy

Let’s Stay Home Banner Flag – Because apparently I’m an adult now, I really want some new pretty things for my home, instead of my closet! This Let’s Stay Home flag is sort of our house mantra, and I’d love to add it to our living room.
Double Triangle Statement Shelf – Now that I have a clear vision of want I want our guest bathroom to look like, I’m eager to fill it! First on my list are these shelves, but in Ash. We have this funny wall that requires some sort of hanging accessory on it, and I figure some cute storage makes more sense than something like a print. I love the idea of wooden accents throughout the small bathroom!

Wooden Bathtub Caddy/Mat – How cool is this? I’ve wanted a bath tray or caddy for a long time, but haven’t ever really done the search to find “the one.” I love that this one doubles as a bathmat, which is a great option for us because of the cat litter that tends to be…everywhere. Plus, it’s awesome when gifts promote relaxation!
chanukah - beauty copy
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment – This is another highly recommended product from the bloggers of the world. I’ve been wanting to try this Sugar lip balm, but haven’t ever spent $22 on any lip product. It feels a little frivolous for me to spend money on, but makes a fabulous gift!
Happ & Stahns Rose Alba Fragrance – Yes, this is the same perfume I fell in love with and bought in October. But this one is bigger! Turns out that tear dropper goes pretty quickly, so a bigger bottle should get me through the rest of the winter for sure.
Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer – Lastly, and by far most expensively, is this amazing blow dryer. I borrowed Katie‘s Buttercup blow dryer during our Marfa trip and was SO impressed by how fast it dried my hair and how soft and settled my hair was after drying it. Since I don’t have $200 lying around to drop on a blow dryer, I really wish I had gotten my family to go in on this together. Maybe next year!
What are you hoping to unwrap for Chanukah or find under your Christmas tree this year?
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