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mini pleat floral skirt4mini pleat floral skirt5mini pleat floral skirt3mini pleat floral skirt1mini pleat floral skirt6mini pleat floral skirt7mini pleat floral skirt8mini pleat floral skirt9

top: Forever 21 (similar) // skirt: Forever 21 (sold out online, save similarspend similar) // boots: Madden Girl // long necklace: The Land of Salt // short necklace: gift (similar)

Two outfits posts in one week? A punny fashion title? WHO AM I?! I’m just a girl with a blog who has something to say but hasn’t found the words yet, so here’s another pretty outfit instead. We cool?
As I might have mentioned (things have been a little nut-so and my memory is escaping me), I’m working on an update about my intuitive eating for the last few months. I was supposed to post it today. I even made an outline (a thing I haven’t done since college) to help me write it and say everything I wanted to say. Well, then I had a total breakdown over the weekend after a whole week of terrible, non-intuitive eating. To make a longish story short, intuitive eating was going really well and then I worked from home for two weeks and it led to a burst of binge-eating for a week and then subsequently underfeeding myself for a week. Intuitively, I knew what my body needed (fresh veggies and fruit! chicken! fewer chips and pecan spinwheels, please!), but I didn’t plan well enough to make it happen.
The post will come and have some helpful info and be a positive, yet realistic, review of my experience so far. But today I’m working on grace. We cool?
Speaking of cool, since there are some outfit photos here, let’s chat clothes. I actually ended up with this skirt on accident. I wanted to try on this crop top (previously worn here) with a skirt to see if it would fit alright with the faux leather midi skirt. I grabbed this off the rack at Forever 21 and took it to the dressing room, where I immediately fell in love and had to have it. 
I’m super happy about this purchase because: A. a darker floral transcends seasons B. midi skirts are my jam C. turns out mini pleats are super effing flattering! (P.S. I know that “flattering” is supposed to be a no-no word in the body positive community, but it’s a word I use a lot and still like. Possible post incoming?)
Also, just in case you didn’t notice, this is literally the same outfit as this one, just with a different skirt. Get a black crop top and black heeled boots, and then a bevy of skirts (preferably of the midi variety) and just swap them out! No one will notice and you’ll always look fine, girl!
Okay, but back to intuitive eating for a sec. I really want to do this in a Q&A-ish format, so pleasepleaseplease ask me any questions you have about my experience so far! Or anything you want to know regarding eating at all! It would help me a lot with writing the post!
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