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what i bought in november

It’s that time again! With another month wrapping up, it’s time to link up with Fran and the budgeting bloggers. Here’s what I picked up in November:

Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans – $20.96 (40% off)
Not Pictured:
Luxe Apothetique Plaid Shirtdress (seen here) – $69
Luxe Apothetique Faux Leather Skirt (very similar) – $79
Vintage Floral Scarf via Prototype Vintage (seen here) – $12
Total: $337.62

Not too bad for one of the biggest shopping months of the year! I think I actually went shopping twice in person and three times online. The first was actually an online order from Old Navy at the end of October that I’m including in this list because it didn’t mail until November. From that order I ended up keeping the plaid shirt and Rockstar jeans. The long cardigan is one that I picked up in store after buying a similar one at Forever 21 (which I returned, see below).

Before my work conference at the beginning of the month, I wanted to pick up a few nicer pieces to wear. I got the plaid dress from this post and a faux leather skirt that I’m sharing tomorrow both at Luxe Apothetique. I also stopped into Forever 21 that day to look for a black crop top to wear with the leather skirt, and happened to fall in love with the floral mini-pleat skirt I took into the dressing room to try it on with too!

As I mentioned on Friday, I was super excited to purchase the Make It Happen pullover from Anthro during their Black Friday sale. The AG jeans and Calvin Klein bra were both purchased with my Shopbop credit this month during the Buy More, Save More sale (which is still going on until 11:59 PT!). I usually wouldn’t include bras in my monthly budget recap, but since I used my Shopbop credit on it, I wanted to be transparent with you about that purchase.

And now for some things that didn’t work out…
what i returned in novemberThings I returned in November:
Like I mentioned, the Forever 21 longline cardigan went back. It just fit super awkwardly in the shoulders, and then when I found the Old Navy one and loved it so much more, I decided to make a return to Forever 21. I also returned a backpack that I got to use during Fun Fun Fun Fest, but didn’t end up liking very much. Now I have a decent-sized store credit to spend there next month!
The midi skirt being returned was actually my fault. I had it on my wishlist a few weeks ago and tried it on in stores because it was hanging on a sale rack. Well, it wasn’t actually on sale, so I left it. Then it did go on sale online and I bought it, but I forgot that I tried on the 10 in stores instead of the 8 and bought the wrong size. Anyway, I think after returning it I’m just going to move on because I’ve since purchased the other skirts in this post that I like a lot too.
Probably my saddest return is the fit & flare dress from Old Navy. I never could find this in stores, but I bought it online and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the dress doesn’t have an actual waistline, and instead has the seamless princess “waistline” which hit me totally in the wrong place. I was hoping this dress would be a good replacement for my favorite, yet no longer fitting, LBD that I usually layer blouses under in colder weather (seen here and here for example). I’m on the lookout for a sleeveless fit & flare dress with a higher neckline, because those are some of my favorite outfits to wear!

So there’s November. After I finished writing this post, I realized that I got my direct deposit early and put in a couple online orders, which I’ll write about in my December budget post. I ordered this turtleneck, this replacement gingham shirt, and this sweater all from J.Crew Factory. I would have ordered these flats in grey, too, but since they’re backordered and apparently the money wouldn’t be taken until they shipped, I didn’t want to risk over-drafting during the holidays! Can’t wait to buy them though.

Again, I’m linking up with the budgeting bloggers, so be sure to check out what everyone else bought this month too! Oh, and if you’re not already, follow me on Bloglovin’ to see the latest from writes like a girl!

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