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I’ve surprised myself this year with how much I’ve worn my denim vest. I find myself reaching for it at least two or three times a week these days! I used to be a frequent denim jacket-wearer, but it wasn’t until I realized I was wearing my vest a lot did I realize it’s because my denim jacket doesn’t fit. Boo, right? This jacket and I have been through so much! Once I even left it accidentally at a cafe, forgot where I left it for three months, bought a replacement jacket, remembered where I left it, went back for it AND IT WAS STILL THERE. Yeah. Me and this jacket are close. But now we’re too close, so I need a new one.

When I wear a denim jacket, I’m going for more of a Brooklyn hipster look than a young Carrie Underwood singing at the rodeo look, if you know what I mean. The most important part of a great denim jacket is the fit, but since I can’t just try all of these on virtually (come on, Internet! figure that one out!), I’m focusing first on the wash. Do I want something light, dark, or classic blue jean? Also, do I want something fitted or boxy, cropped or waist-length?

Here are a few I’m deciding between:

on my list denim jackets

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight
From these product images alone, I think I like the vintage look of the Topshop jacket and the Free People jacket the best. My current/old denim jacket is shaped a lot like the Gap one, so maybe I want something different this time? Or, don’t fix what’s not broken and go for the same style again?
I’m kind of a brat when it comes to only wearing gold and never wearing silver, so I love the buttons on the J.Crew jacket and the Madewell jacket, though I could live with the more bronze shade of the Lucky Brand jacket too I think!
What do you think? Does one stick out to you as being a better fit in my closet than the others? Do you own a denim jacket?
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