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Happy November! Just a little 2015 left before we make New Year’s resolutions and start a new year. I’ve been thinking about goals a lot lately and I’m so glad I decided to make these small goal posts a linkup because I’m feeling extra inspired in my goal-making. Be sure to link up below if you’re sharing your goals for November!
Before we get into this month’s goals, let’s take a look at how I did in October:
1. find a signature scent for the cooler months | done! I went to Anthropologie and fell in love with the Rose Alba scent by Happ & Stahns. It comes in the prettiest “tear catcher” bottle and smells like warm roses.
2. organize my desk space at home | done! I took a trip to Ikea and bought three pink filing boxes along with this cute printed set of smaller boxes, and then I organized all the things! Now everything has a place and I have a clean desk!
3. finish a goddamn book | I don’t wanna talk about it. Actually, you know what, I think it’s the deadline that makes me not want to read. I could be reading each night, but I look at the book and it feels like a chore. I read a lot at the beginning of the month, and then I wasn’t feeling it — reading, not the book itself — in the second half. I’ll finish when I finish.
4. clean out fall and winter clothes that don’t fit anymore and make a wishlist | done! This is harder and harder to do every year. Anything I’m excited about wearing again inevitably doesn’t fit anymore. I have a handful of pretty skirts that don’t fit, dresses that don’t zip, and blouses especially that have to be peeled off of me because apparently my arms gained weight this year. It makes me sad and frustrated. It makes me feel like I have to start over every season. I’m trying to be positive because I’m relatively healthy and don’t need or even want to lose a ton of weight. It’s hard not to feel mad at my body, but it’s doing its job by growing and taking care of me. Also, I think I’ve kinda/hopefully plateaued and will stay around the same weight for a while now that my eating has been more regular for some time. Anyway, I have a little wishlist now of things to replace!
5. go to the farmer’s market | Unfortunately, I didn’t make it. I planned to go the weekend before last and then it rained the whole weekend. Womp womp. I’ll get there this fall!

3/5 isn’t awful, but I hope to do better in November! Here’s what’s on deck for this month:

1. journal every day for a month | This is one of my 26 before 26 goals I’ve been putting off. I realized I was avoiding it because I didn’t want to physically write in a journal every night. Since I’m on my phone in bed before I fall asleep anyway, I found an app that I’ve been using for the last several days that I like called Grid Diary. It gives you short prompts to help you reflect on your day. You can fill out as many or as few as you want, and even write your own prompts. Looking forward to being a better journaler and hopefully de-stressing through reflection!
2. go for a run (or two!) | Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but I’ve been craving going for a run lately. Weird, I know. I’ve been walking after work with Dago a couple of times a week, but I think a run will make me feel really renewed.
3. keep my fingernails painted for a month | I am a lifelong nail-biter who has never had an intention of quitting (much to my mother’s disappointment). I painted my nails for a photo shoot in October and was surprised at how little I was tempted to bite my nails. On one hand, I don’t want to work too hard at stopping because I figure if my worst vice is nail biting, I’m doing pretty good. I mean, it could be so much worse! But also if I could have nice nails without too much work, that would be cool too.
4. make a dessert or side dish for Thanksgiving | Last year I made cornbread and it was a great success! Any suggestions for this year?
5. don’t overbook myself | Looking at my calendar for November, most of my weekends are already filled and I have several weekdays with extracurriculars planned for after work. Just looking at my full calendar makes my stomach tighten a little with anxiety, so I want to make sure I’m taking time for me and saying no when I need to.

What goals did you set for November? Link-up below and be sure to check out everyone else’s links too!

P.S. What do y’all think of setting these small goals link ups on the first Monday of everything month? Does that work for everyone? Do we need a hashtag or something?

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