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October is an exciting time: everything smells like crisp air and spice, sweaters fill the racks in my favorite stores, and the holidays are nearly upon us. Something about the final quarter of the year always gets my gears going thinking about goals for the new year. I’m already thinking about ways I want to improve various areas of my life in 2016, and my goals for the last quarter of the year will definitely reflect that awareness. I’m very excited about a new year, but first we have to get through this new month! And, even before that, we need to take a look back on last month and see how we did.
Here’s a reminder of September’s goals
1. let go and relax in Marfa | done! Read about my trip here!
2. finish Unspeakable | Not yet, but I did at least finally pick it up and I’m making moves! And by making moves, I mean turning pages, of course.
3. look into speaking opportunities at upcoming conferences | done! Aaaand now we wait.
4. make a dish that I can take to work for a week | Technically done. I made the pesto couscous, feta, basil, and tomato salad I intended to make. I even brought it every day for a week! And then I entered a pretty bad period of depression that resulted in extremely limited appetite and I only ate it one and a half times that week. I absolutely am counting this goal as achieved because I cooked a meal and prepared it for a week. I also learned that maybe the next goal shouldn’t revolve around a whole week, and should focus more on my cravings throughout the week and cooking a few several small meals I can bring to work. I plan on writing more about my journey with intuitive eating, so if you have any questions you want me to cover, please feel free to ask!
5. get professionally fitted for a bra | done! Read all about it here if you haven’t yet!
4/5, y’all! Not bad! Here’s what I plan to get up to in October:
1. find a signature scent for the cooler months | Is this a weird goal? I’ve never been a perfume wearer, but I’ve always wanted to be. I feel like fashion magazines always talk about needing a summer scent and a winter scent, so I guess I’m going to go out and find a perfume for fall that I love and wear it ’til spring. Do you have a favorite?
2. organize my desk space at home | I have a confession to make. If you walked into my house and went directly into our office (or, “desk room” as Dago and I call it), you would think I’m a hoarder. Literally no other spot in my home looks like this, but my desk and at least a foot in every direction around it is piled high and wide with old bills, thank you cards, half-read books and magazines, various art supplies, and more. If I don’t know where to put something, I’ve just put it there. For two and a half years. So, it’s time to take care of this. Trip to Ikea, anyone? I need an organizing strategy!
3. finish a goddamn book | It feels like I make a book-related goal every month and never finish — the goal or the book. This month I’m going to finish a book, any book, if it’s the last thing I do.
4. clean out fall and winter clothes that don’t fit anymore and make a wishlist | I had a super hard time not making every goal this month home related because I’m in an intense nesting mode lately. At least this is a different side of the house! I need to figure out what needs replacing because it doesn’t fit anymore or isn’t in good shape anymore, and then make a solid list of things to keep an eye out for this month.
5. go to the farmer’s market | I have been killing it at my 26 before 26 list, y’all! It definitely helps that I’ve been spreading them out through my monthly goals. I feel like fall is the perfect time to go to the farmer’s market, so I’m excited to go early one of these weekends with Dago and pick up some goodies!
So that’s what I’m up to this month! I’ve already seen lots and lots of monthly goals being posted in the blogosphere, and I’m SO EXCITED! Be sure to link up below if you’re posting your own small (or big!) goals for October!

P.S. Today you can find me over on the new and awesome Lady ATX Mag sharing a #StudioSession about blogging, vulnerability, podcasting, and passion projects. Check it out!

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