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Happy Friday and morning of Halloween Eve. I only have one day of weekend this weekend, so I better make it count! I’m going on a work trip from Sunday to Monday up to Dallas for a conference, but don’t you worry, I’ve got my November goals, an outfit, and a wishlist ready for you because I worked really hard last weekend to write two weeks of posts all at once. Speaking of goals, don’t forget to get your goals set and your blog post ready to link up on Monday!

But, since Monday is, like, super far away, let’s focus on some Friday link love.

♥ Yet another great way to style a blanket scarf. Can’t wait to put an order in for one of these and style it exactly like Rachel did!

♥ YES to everything Anna says about the patriarchy and anxiety. This was, like, my whole summer of therapy in 2014.
♥ I finally gave up on my dream of buying Hunter boots and then Rach went and made me want them again.
♥ Does Jessica look like a walking Kate Spade ad or what?
♥ Do you deal with the battle of the button down shirt gap? Here is a top secret (obviously not) and inexpensive solution!
♥ Love Kaity’s Halloween day-to-night outfit…which I would copy but I’m just wearing my costume to work like a weirdo.
♥ Things I want and or need (you decide!): this kitschy sweater, these adorable rainboots, this great blazer, this olive midi, this cozy sweater-jacket-thing, and this crazy cat dress.

What’s on your plate for Halloween? I think I’m watching Hocus Pocus with the girls and eating pancakes. Oh, and, you know, being Pizza Rat.

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