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easy minimalist fall wreath DIY

easy minimalist fall wreath diy

I was talking to my friend Stephanie the other day about wreaths and how I’ve never had one because I was raised Jewish, and we don’t make wreaths for our holidays. I don’t really know if that’s true, but my family sure didn’t! Later that night on Pinterest, I came across this adorable DIY for a minimalist wreath and advent calendar, when I decided I was totally capable of the wreath part — it looked so easy! Plus, I already had a bunch of embroidery hoops from my hoop art phase of early 2014.
I decided to switch things up a little and make a fall wreath with pretty orange and red leaves, instead of with pine needles and pine cones. If you’ve been looking for ways to spruce up your home for fall (besides buying all the tiny gourds and scattering them about), this minimalist fall wreath DIY couldn’t be easier or more festive!

easy minimalist fall wreath materials

fake leaves in various sizes
8″ wooden embroidery hoop
floral wire (I used gold, but any color is fine because it will be hidden)
pretty string

easy minimalist fall wreath2

Step One: Separate your leaves from the bushel (branch? bouquet?), leaving an inch or two of stem on each leaf.

easy minimalist fall wreath3

Step Two: Cut a section of floral wire about 8″-1′ long. Choose a leaf (I started with a small one), and wrap 2″ of the end of the wire around the base of the stem, as close to the leaf as possible.

easy minimalist fall wreath4
easy minimalist fall wreath5

Step Three: Place the leaf on the embroidery hoop, centering the stem between the two circles. Begin wrapping the floral wire around the hoop and the stem until the leaf is secure. You may choose to just wrap all of it around, but if there is any excess wire, you can just cut it off and bend the remaining end around the edge of the hoop.

easy minimalist fall wreath8

Step Four: Repeat steps two and three with leaves of varying sizes around the hoop. I decided I didn’t want to center the leaves on my wreath, but you can shift the position of the leaves by carefully moving each leaf and  the wire around the edge of the hoop until you decide where you like it. You really can’t mess up because you can always unwrap the floral wire if you decide you don’t like the placement of your leaves.

easy minimalist fall wreath6

Step Five: Once you’ve secured leaves around one side of the hoop, repeat the same steps around the other side in whatever pattern you like. Be sure to keep the stems hidden by securing them with wire and tucking them behind surrounding leaves.

easy minimalist fall wreath7

Step Six: When you have achieved your desired look, tie a circle of pretty string through the clasp of the embroidery hoop. Now your wreath is ready to hang on your door! 
My door didn’t have a way for me to put a nail in it, so I picked up a clear 3M hook and stuck it about an inch below the peep hole.
How easy was that? So easy! And so festive! If you decide to do this DIY at home, I’d love to see how it comes out!

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