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what i bought in september

It’s that time again — budgeting bloggers time! Today I’m sharing my September purchases and my monthly spending. I actually only shopped one weekend this month — Labor Day Weekend — so nearly all of these items were bought in just a couple of days. I figured after I picked up as much as I did, I didn’t really need to shop for the rest of the month. You’ll see why when you scroll down…
what i bought september
Mata Traders Lace Dress – c/o Mata Traders*
Moulinette Souers Shirt Dress for Anthropologie – thrifted $25.99 (originally $118)
Madewell Lace Blouse – thrifted $12.99 (originally $118)
Halogen Floral Skirt for Nordstrom – thrifted $5.99 (originally $78)
Forever 21 Crochet Crop Top – thrifted $4.99 (not pictured, see here)
Banana Republic Yellow Gingham Button Down – thrifted $11.99 (not pictured)
ASOS Black and Yellow Floral Dress – thrifted $6.99 (not pictured)
Cropped Sweater (brand unknown) – thrifted $5.99 (not pictured)
Navy Floral Scarf (brand unknown) – thrifted $7.99 (not pictured)
Total: $296.94

So…remember that time I didn’t shop much for a while? Well, I went thrifting over Labor Day Weekend, pre-Marfa, and picked up…a few things. On one hand, wow it looks like I bought a bunch of stuff (I did!), but on the other hand that holds my debit card, I really didn’t spend that much for all that I got. Additionally, thanks to my handy research skills, you can see that I actually saved a ton of money! Thanks, thrift stores!

The only bit of buyer’s remorse I’m experiencing is the orange shirt dress. I’ve been trying to thrift a 1. shirt dress 2. orange dress 3. Anthropologie dress for a significant amount of time. Truth is, I wish it fit better. The buttons gap badly and don’t stay closed in the torso (but not really for size reasons? For once it’s not an issue of the garment being too small, just not quite fitting correctly). The neckline is a little low. The hemline is a little short for such a flared skirt. I look like a vibrant news anchor in it. Does anyone use Poshmark? I’m thinking of listing it there just because I know people search for Anthro pieces.

A little bit of of housekeeping: you might notice that two items listed this month were c/o. The first, my Sam Edelman booties, were purchased with Shopbop credits that I received as a part of their blogger program. I’m very excited to be working with Shopbop for a few reasons, but specifically because the products they carry are investment pieces that I value adding to my closet as a mid-to-late twenty-something. These boots are valued at $140 and I would have purchased them myself, with my own money. They’re a great pair of boots I’ll review soon and that I will love for years to come.

The other c/o piece is the Mata Traders dress that I wore last week. This partnership came about out of a collaboration with my dear friend Indiana. A few months ago I mentioned that I’m now open to working with brands that I support, so I’m excited to have had the opportunity to work with a fair trade company with as cute of clothes as Mata Traders!

It’s really important to me that I’m transparent with y’all about what I receive, who I work with, and whether or not I really love it. Know that moving forward, that is what c/o means on this blog. It means I write like a girl, and I’m honest like a girl too! 😉

Last thing: this post does not include the cost of my new bras because I wear them every day and including them here felt ridiculous. 

So. I don’t really set budgets yet because I’m using these last few months of the year to feel out what my spending is really like. Considering everything, I don’t think that spending less than $300 on 18 pieces (not including the two c/o items) is bad at all. For reference, in June I spent $301 and bought 11 pieces.

I am, however, linking up with Fran and the other budgeting bloggers! Be sure to check out what everyone else bought this month (I think it’s going to be a good one with Labor Day Weekend sales!). If you’re not linking up, tell me what your favorite September purchase is below!
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