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Sometimes my wishlist items are more like “I wish to try this” items than “I need this in order to complete my life” items. This is definitely true for this week, in which I’m considering pretty oxford flats for fall. I have owned a couple pairs of oxfords in my life, but they never really seemed to fit into my closet the way I wanted them to. Lately, however, I’ve seen lots of cuties (here, herehere, here) rocking oxfords that are a little more feminine, and I’m starting to reevaluate my stance on the shoes.
Here are a few pairs I have my eye on to try:

on my list pretty oxfords

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight
So many pretty shoes! I love that there are some dainty, delicate options of this otherwise masculine shoe because that’s right up my alley. My favorite pair are definitely the suede oxfords from Nordstrom Rack, which would look just as cute with my black jeans as they would with a mini dress and tights. However, I’m also slightly obsessed with all of the cutout pairs (two, three, four, and eight) because, duh, how cute are those? But would those look weird with tights? Or would they look extra cute with patterned socks? The classic brown pair from Forever 21 is pretty similar to the Aldo pair I owned in college, but it’s a nice safe option for a good price. On the other end of the price spectrum is the J.Crew pair, which, goodness they are gorgeous, but for that price I better wear them every day and to bed. Lastly, the chic ivory pair from Madewell remind me of a wedding I blogged recently where the bride wore oxfords with her Jenny Packham gown and I just about died. Not very practical for fall or winter, but damn sophisticated if you ask me!
Are you an oxford sort of girl? Am I the only one who struggles to feel femme in such a masculine shoe? What are your tricks for styling them?
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