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Happy Friday! This whole week was pretty weird. Even when a vacation is relaxing, I always feel like I need a vacation from my vacation, you know? I thankfully thought to take Monday off of work, so I had a tiny vacation post-trip, but I didn’t really get to enjoy it. I haven’t mentioned this on Twitter or anything, but I have obtained a rash (one I got before traveling out to West Texas, so we’re going on longer than two weeks now!) that is evidently attacking me from the inside…or at least that’s what the dermatologist I saw said. Anyway, I haven’t been especially attentive to anything but my itching this week, so I apologize for that. I’ll be back full-force next week (thanks to a bunch of awesome steroids I’m on?)! In the meantime, here are some people who ruled the Internet while I was away.
♥ I know I’m the worst and I haven’t written about Marfa yet — I promise it’s coming! In the meantime, check out April’s recap here!
♥ If you loved my Taylor Swift-inspired look from Monday, you have to see the way Indiana styled the same dress. Spoiler alert: she pulled the ultimate Swift move and wore it backwards!
♥ Did you watch The Emmys this weekend? Love these questions the starts were asked on the red carpet!
♥ Being a feminist Texan, it’s no surprise I love Wendy Davis (or maybe it’s no surprise if you’d read this post). Her recent interview in Rolling Stone is exactly the political push I needed.
♥ Do you watch Empire? This is the only recap you need.
♥ You know I’m a sucker for birthday bucket lists and Jen’s 26 before 26 list is perfectly balanced!
♥ Speaking of outfits, here are a few wishlist items since I’m officially filling my closet for fall: this printed frock, this long-sleeved dress, these incredible oxfords, this easy black bucket bag, and this field jacket, and this pretty geometric skirt.
What links did you love this week? Do you have any fun plans this weekend?
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