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denim vest floral skirt1denim vest floral skirt2denim vest floral skirt3denim vest floral skirt8denim vest floral skirt4denim vest floral skirt5denim vest floral skirt6denim vest floral skirt7
vest: thrifted Gap (similar) // tank: Old Navy (similar) // skirt: Old Navy // shoes: Steve Madden (similar) // necklace: The Land of Salt // ring: c/o Limbo Jewelry // purse: vintage Coach via Prototype Vintage

photos by Chelsea Laine Francis

Every year or so, another decade seems to be back in style, doesn’t it? Last year we saw lots of ’60s silhouettes and prints, this year it’s all about the ’70s, and the ’80s will surely work their way back into retailers in the next year. I was strangely super aware of this as a kid, too. 7th grade in 2002 was extremely ’70s inspired and I had a closet full of bell bottoms, peasant tops, patchwork denim skirts, and chunky stacked booties (what? I’ve always been into trends…). I remember my parents sticking their tongues out and shouting to the skies “why would the ’70s come back!?”

Then, in 2003, AKA the year of my Bat Mitzvah and therefore Bat Mitzvah season, it was all about the ’80s. I wore all of my parents’ old concert tees, lots of Hot Topic-purchased accessories in neon and black, combat boots and dirty converse. I remember having this hot pink and black striped asymmetrical skirt from BP at Nordstrom (my first and only Nordstrom purchase until well into college) that I wore to all the Bat Mitzvahs, which I styled in Cyndi Lauper-inspired fashion with lots of bangles, an off-the-shoulder graphic tee with metallic lettering, and black booties. Let’s just say I was truly prepared for ’80s day during pep rally season at school.

One decade I always feel drawn to, no matter the trends, is the ’90s. As a ’90s baby, I’m most comfortable in denim vests, ditsy floral prints, and button downs as outerwear. Look how on-trend I am, perfectly matching one of the babes in this photo of early ’90s television starlets!

I’m sort of obsessed with trying to guess what will come into fad next. For instance, I am frequently found monologuing about the fall of J.Crew statement necklaces, colored jeans, wear-all-the-things style of 2013 in favor of über-normcore pieces in 2014, and a minimalist color palette in 2015. And it’s not just with fashion; lately I’m infatuated with guessing interior design trends. In 2013 it was all about chalkboard walls, painting an accent wall or even entire room black so that you could write your grocery list, love letter, or inspiring quotes right there on the wall. Now you can’t open Pinterest or Instagram without seeing white walls, white counter tops, and white tables and chairs. Everyone is stripping down their homes, paring down their furniture and belongings to just the “necessities” and a succulent or two. (Speaking of succulents, do you think they’ll go the way of mason jars in a couple of years? I think people are going to be so sick of them pretty soon — it’s just the way we are!).

I am constantly trying to guess what’s next. People are bound to get bored with the absolute minimalism. We live in a capitalist society — we love our things! In fact, most minimalists aren’t just throwing out their furniture and clothes and living with what’s left — they’re replacing them with more on-trend pieces. It’s still about buying something, just a different something. So where do we go from here? Will color trickle back in with neon accents in white rooms or will we go cold turkey and fill our homes and closets with wild prints and every color again? I guess the current surge of ’70s fashion is reintroducing prints in a big way, but I don’t see those as sustainable staples so much as fleeting statements.

Is this what interior design and fashion students talk about in class? Do they have some kind of pie chart or venn diagram to be able to forecast the coming trends before the rest of us? I’ll just be over here scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram placing my bets on changing trends.

Do you follow trends in fashion and design? What do you think is the next big thing?

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