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why i laugh in photos

why i laugh

Of all the awesome comments I get from y’all, the most common is about laughing in my outfit photos. I’d like to think it’s a signature aspect of writes like a girl, especially in a world of scowling bloggers staring into the sun or looking solemnly at the ground. No shade — those bloggers look fierce and they’re obviously doing something that works for them! I just realized pretty quickly that it didn’t work for me (warning: highly embarrassing example from 2012 ahead).

I’ve joked for a while now that I should give workshops on laughing in photos. I would say if there’s one thing I could teach, it’s that. So, I thought it would be fun for me to share why I even laugh in the first place, and how it’s become my “thing.”

1. Efficiency. For the first few years I was blogging, I took my own photos. I didn’t have a real camera or a tripod; I had an iPhone 4, a GorillaPod, and a tall bar stool from Target. With no one on the other end of the camera to give me direction or even smile at, I had to learn to make my photos interesting and personable all on my own. Making myself laugh brought a sense of warmth to the images, and it definitely made my solo-shoots go by faster!

2. It’s flattering. To some degree, it’s this simple. Anytime I saw a candid photo of myself laughing, I felt pretty. I have a sort of crooked smile if I grin or smirk plainly, and I tend to think I have larger features, so reflecting joy in a bigger way looks more attractive on my face. That was all weird to type, but my point is that if you want to be more photogenic, figure out how you like your face to look, and then do that in photos! For me, it’s laughing.

3. My clothes make me happy. When I feel good in my clothes, you can see it. At the end of the day, outfit photos are meant to show off cute outfits I’ve put together that I’ve worn in my real life. I want to inspire people to make better outfits — outfits that make them happy. Looking happy in my photos, honestly happy, hopefully helps you feel empowered to find outfits that make you want to laugh and spin and play too.

So there you have it! I’m a simple gal; I like to look pretty, I laugh when I feel pretty and I feel pretty when I laugh. Do I think laughing will be the next wave of fashun blahgger posing? Probably not, but my signature move isn’t going anywhere!

Bloggers and non-bloggers, have you noticed a trend in your photos or selfies? Do you always touch your face or hair? Do you pop your knee or put your hand on your hip?

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