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No link love today, y’all, because it’s Budgeting Bloggers day! Part of me is all like “holy cow it’s almost September!” but then the other parts of me are like “holy heck August was long and weird, let’s get on with September.” I’ll talk more about my weird month in my goals post next week though, because today is about shopping and clothes!
I feel like I shopped a bunch this month, but really I just bought a handful of things I’ve been wishlisting for a while. So many pretty things!
bought in august
Graphic Print Pleated Skirt from J.Crew Factory (sold out, looove this one) – $43.99
Brown Felt Floppy Hat from Francesca’s (not pictured, similar) – $34.00
Total: $217.34

I’m glad to see that even without a goal to not shop, I didn’t go crazy overboard! I really wasn’t tracking my spending this month because I’ve been out-of-control busy, so it’s nice that I didn’t spend all my money on accident.

I’m super happy with all of these purchases! I finally ended up with a swimsuit that I love (the top is definitely green in person — the perfect chartreuse color — not yellow or mustard like I thought!). I got a comfy tee that I don’t feel slubby wearing in public. I got a killer tote bag and the world’s best pair of red flats (full review on these babies coming soon!).

I’m very happy to have added two more skirts to my closet as well. I ended up sizing up in both skirts, and probably shouldn’t have in either. I have just gotten so sick of clothing fitting me in the morning, and then is way too tight by the end of the day. I’m in-between all the sizes right now (seriously!), so it’s hard to know where I “fit in,” if you feel me. I ordered the J.Crew Factory skirt in a 10, when I really, really needed an 8. For now, I’ve got it pinned in the back and I’ve worn a cute little brown belt (outfit coming soon!) to hide the folded-over fabric. The Old Navy skirt is a Medium. The Small fit fine, but I was worried it would be too tight because I hadn’t eaten before I tried it on. The Medium is pretty loose, but should be fine with tights and a sweater in the fall.

This month, I wanted to mix things up a little and share the things I returned in August as well!
returned in august
Things I returned in August:
Black Cami Dress (not pictured) – $29.94

I was so sad to return this navy skirt. I bought it in a 6, which was silly because H&M sizes are whack and I should have known I needed at least an 8 anyway, if not a 10. I tried to exchange it for a 10, but it’s sold out. I’ll be keeping an eye out though, because after holding it in person, I can tell you that it’s pretty great quality!

Another sad return was this polka dot top. I bought it in a Small because it looked oversized on the model, but she’s just really thin. I literally got stuck in this shirt, y’all. Dago almost had to cut me out of it, but I needed to return it so I made him slowly peel it off me. I could probably be in Cirque du Soleil after climbing out of that thing!

Lastly, I returned a black cami dress from Old Navy. I bought it before my trip with Dago to Houston, it didn’t really fit well (their sizing has been a little strange, no? Things seem to fit at least a size bigger than they should) and it wrinkled a ton. I’ve been searching since spring for a comfy black dress because the two I owned are defunct. Where are all the comfy cotton black dresses, friends???

Anyway, I’m linking up with Fran and the Budgeting Bloggers this month! So excited to go see what everybody else bought this month! Also, if you’re curious, see what I bought in July, June, and May!

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