turning four

turning four

I mentioned on Friday that this little blog was celebrating her fourth birthday! On one hand, it’s crazy to think about doing something for four whole years, but my other hand is like “yo, I have typed four years of blog posts, I’m highly aware of the duration of this passion project.” 
According to this article, if my blog were a four-year-old child, she would love telling jokes (accurate), she would be able to do a somersault (less accurate), and she would be afraid of monsters (thankfully she hasn’t encountered many!).
I also realized that I started my blog just two months after Dago and I got together, so for four years he has been dating a blogger! “I would never had known I had the frumpiest Instagram game if it weren’t for you,” says Dago in response to being a blogger boyfriend.
Just like I did in my four years of college, this blog has changed a lot since it landed on the Internet. I was first inspired by HelloGiggles, which had launched just a few months prior. I wanted to write funny think pieces about Kim Kardashian and Rebecca Black. It was hard to keep up with, and I started following more and more personal style bloggers. I was super inspired by Kendi Everyday, Selective Potential, Orchid Grey, A Beautiful Mess, M Loves M, and Atlantic-Pacific. I loved that they were sharing real outfits and doing fun things with clothes — layering them! mixing patterns! combining high and low pieces! It was winter of 2012 when I did my first outfit post. I took the photos in my studio apartment by setting my iPhone 4 inside a jewelry box on my nightstand. I think I was wearing mostly Target and I had worn the outfit to a going away party. Thankfully, my style, my progress, and this space have all evolved since then!

What started as a feminist pop culture humor blog turned into an outfit post and shopping blog turned into a vulnerable space on the Internet where one blogger shared goals, mental health updates, and raw feelings about body image. I hope that this space has something from each category now, but I also feel like writes like a girl is a more defined blog than it’s ever been. I’ve started identifying as a body positive style blogger, which just feels right when I tell people. I’ve learned that my goal setting has just as much, if not more, to do with leading a creative life as it does growing up. I have always wanted to create content that is useful, and more importantly empowering, and I feel like (I hope, anyway!), I am doing that.

Whether you’re new here or you’ve managed to stick around for the last four years, thank you. In a lot of ways writes like a girl doesn’t exist without you, and it certainly doesn’t grow without you. Here’s to four plus more!

P.S. I may have celebrated with a haircut at my favorite beauty parlor, but I also think I might gift myself one of these babies

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