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For most of college, my thrifted red TOMS were my go-to shoes. I wore them with skinnies, dresses, and shorts alike, and I loved the bold pop of color at my feet. I ran that poor pair of shoes into the ground — the insides are positively shredded. Fortunately, I came upon a pair of red hi-top Converse at the same thrift store a few years ago. I wore them constantly for the first few months (seen here and here), but ultimately they didn’t become a full-time replacement.
I think part of the issue here is that I’m not in college anymore, so sneakers and canvas shoes just aren’t a great every day option. Not that I couldn’t wear them to the office — I mean I wear my pink slip-ons about once a week — but they just don’t fit my more “adult” wardrobe. After all this time, this week I’m finally renewing my search for red flats. Here are a few pairs I’ve had my eye on!

on my list red flats
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Ooooh so many cute shoes, amirite? The J.Crew Factory pair are the very definition of classic, and they’d go with anything and everything. The Target pair are similar, but appear to have a tiny wedge in the heel. I like that the Forever 21 flats are a little darker, which would make them a lovely option for fall and winter, but maybe not spring and summer. The Franco Sarto pair are like a leather version of the J.Crew ones, but, obvi leather. I’m not sure if that makes them more or less appealing? I’m a big fan of Chinese Laundry shoes, and I like that the d’Orsays have a little more coverage than usual, so maybe they wouldn’t look so weird with shorts and skirts? 
Obvi, the polka dot Sole Society pair are positively adorable — but are they versatile too? I kind of think the peekaboo cutouts of the Isolá shoes would be sooooo cute with jeans, and even with tights in the colder months, and I love that the detail gives them something a little special. I’ve seen these TopShop flats on pretty much every blogger, and while I wasn’t crazy about them at first, the shape is growing on me for sure!
Which shoes would you choose? What’s on your list this week?
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