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I think I’m alone here, but August has always been one of my favorite months. I love summer, and the summer nights in August are full of fireflies and running barefoot through cool grass. There’s a magical excitement of making the most out of something before its gone; before back to school, before fall sets in. I love school supply shopping even though I’ve been out of school for three years. I still try to treat myself to a new desk supply just to fulfill my end-of-summer duty.
I also think of August as the beginning of the end. A lot of people argue that its actually October, but August always feels like the downhill part of the year for me. The days are ultimately getting shorter, so there’s less time to get everything done. If there’s something I want to do this year, I better start planning for it in August or it’ll be New Year’s before I know it.
That said, I’m even more excited than usual to share my small goals for the month. First, let’s see how July went:
1. no clothing purchases* | Welp, you know how that went down.
2. buy a dryer | YES YES YES YES DONE!!! With the exception of the laptop I’m still paying off, it is the most expensive, grown up, and fancy purchase I’ve ever made.
3. finish You Feel So Mortal | done! Review coming soon!
4. send three blog partnership pitches | Sent! I will *hopefully* have some fun new content for y’all coming soon!
5. try 5 new ways to incorporate fruit into my every day routine | While I didn’t come up with anything groundbreaking, I did technically accomplish this goal. 1. peaches for breakfast at work (whaaaat there is work-breakfast other than pop tarts?); 2. open-faced banana sandwiches with peanut butter on one slice and Nutella on the other; 3. peach + avocado fruit salad as an afternoon snack; 4. blueberries in my ice cream; 5. keeping berries at my desk during the workday (if they’re there, I will eat them. Who knew it was that easy?).

4/5 isn’t too bad! A lot of you commented on my July purchases post and said that since I bought a purse I use every day, and pretty much only bought basics, I may have met my goal of not shopping. I don’t feel confident enough in that to give myself a full 5/5 for July, but I do appreciate your support!

I am especially excited about my August goals (I thought of most of them halfway through July!). Crossing my fingers I get all of these done!

1. send a few cards to people I love | I bought a handful of gorgeous cards at a West Elm pop-up shop the other day designed by local artist Leah Duncan. I bought them with people in mind, so now I just need to get to writin’! 

2. make lemon bars | One from the bucket list: I definitely feel like these are a summer-specific treat, so I want to get them made while it’s still solidly summer! Poolside snack, anyone?
3. deep clean my car | I desperately need to clean out my car. My family has started teasing me that my car is considerably grosser in and out than my brother’s, and that just won’t stand.
4. buy a big plant | I have big plans for a large snake plant and a cute vintage table for our apartment. It’s actually pretty ridiculous how excited I am to go pick one out and bring it home!
5. plan & save for a vacation this fall | One thing I learned last year while making my way through my 25 before 25 list was that planning ahead is super important in making sure I have the means and ability to actually get things done. I hope to travel both to Marfa and out of state in the next year, so I want to start saving some money now and also set my sights for a fall trip to one of the two! If you’re an out-of-state blog friend who wouldn’t mind hosting me for a few days and showing me around your lovely city, let me know and I’ll start looking into plane tickets! I’m so serious about this!

What are you hoping to get up to in August? Share your small goals in the comments! Also, would y’all be interested in me making these small goal posts a linkup? I’ve noticed more and more people sharing their own monthly goals, so let me know if you want a place to link here and check out other people’s!

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