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what i bought in july

Although I’m excited for another Budgeting Bloggers linkup, I also know that I shouldn’t be linking up this month because I wasn’t supposed to shop in July. Whoops? While I did technically break my own rule, I limited my shopping and ended up with a few pieces I’ve been wearing a ton. I also made out like a bandit at an Old Navy sale, so that didn’t hurt either!
Here’s what I bought:
what i bought july
Relaxed Knit Slub Tank from Old Navy in three colors – $7.76 a piece (on sale!), $23.28 total
Short Sleeve Tunic from Old Navy – $7.76 (on sale!)
Striped High-Neck Tank from Old Navy (sold out/not pictured, similar)  – $7.76 (on sale!)
vintage Abbie Demi Coach purse via Prototype – $58
Total: $109.79

Well, seeing that I spent over $100 is a little disappointing, but I did also mention earlier this month that I would be buying a purse and that I was willing to spend what I needed in order to get what I wanted (I sound like a Mafioso?). Other than the purse, I bought five plain, basic shirts that go with everything I own and a hat for $51.79. Putting it in that perspective definitely makes me feel better!

With the thought of not shopping at all in mind, I was able to focus on wearing what I have (i.e. everything I bought in June!), instead of having grabby hands every time I walk by a store. I didn’t buy anything online this month, which might have been the biggest factor. I think I’m going to implement this as a goal moving forward, especially when we get into fall and I have to rebuild my closet again for body-changing-reasons. If I can dedicate one month to buying all the things, then I can save my money the other months for travel, random gift giving, and new tattoo fund!

That said, I’m still not 100% on my actual budget yet, but I’m excited to see what my total summer spending looks like so I have some basis for fall/winter. If you’re interested in how other awesome bloggers spend their monthly budgets, be sure to check out and/or link up with Fran and the other Budgeting Bloggers here!

And, if you’re curious, check out what I bought in May and June.
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