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When I made my small goals for this month, I said I wasn’t shopping for clothes, but bags were a greenlight. I shared my cognac work bag wishlist last week, so this week is all about my other major bag need: itty-bitty crossbody bags. I don’t purchase or own a lot of bags, but over the years I’ve been downsizing my everyday purses smaller and smaller. Lately I’ve been reaching for a tiny purse to take to the park, walking down SoCo, or out for night on the town (i.e. breakfast for dinner at my favorite 24 hour diner).
Here are a few of the bags I’ve had my eye on…

on my list itty bitty crossbody bags
one // two // three // four // five
To be perfectly honest here, I started this post before I purchased the loveliest little vintage Coach bag. So…I actually found and bought an itty-bitty crossbody bag, BUT I know I’m not the only one with this item on their wishlist. I feel like each of these bags has a little something different for gals with different styles: the Crescent Shape Crossbody bag is so classic and looks like one of those bags that would last for years; the Camel Crossbody bag is a little preppy; the ’70s Saddle Crossbody bag would be perfect for a day of shopping at flea market; the Adelaide Crossbody bag has super boho vibes; and the Mineral Leather Crossbody bag is the quintessential festival purse.

So, what are you looking for in an itty-bitty crossbody bag? What’s on your list this week?

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