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I’m not much of a jewelry gal and I’ve never really worn rings at all, but I recently picked up the prettiest gold ring from Limbo Jewelry in Austin and now I’m craving more! My girl April looks amazing with her fingers-full of rings and she’s got me thinking maybe I could pull off wearing more than one at once too. While the popular stacking rings would probably be a more sensible option, I can’t help but look at these beautifully unique pieces.

on my list delicate gold ringsone // two // three // four // five // six

The first ring would look so seamless with my Limbo ring, and that automatically makes it a front-runner in my shopping adventure. On the other hand, how cool are these other rings? The asymmetrical ring is super edgy, but also possibly looks like it could be uncomfortable? Maybe what I need is a sweet bow or a quirky kitten to adorn my finger with. Both of the wire rings have that handmade, one-of-a-kind look that I’m totally falling for.
Are you a ring-wearer? Do these delicate rings make you swoon? What’s on your list this week?
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